Google Search Terms

Lower your online frustration and save time.

Google is now a legitimate verb included in dictionaries, as well as a proper noun. Over 900 million people use Gmail and there are over 12 billion searches every month. Google has clear dominance in the Internet browser arena. We’ve all been frustrated trying to use the right search words to find what we are looking for without pulling up irrelevant pages. Here are some interesting, fun and efficient tips for searching on Google.

1. If you want to compare two items use “vs.”. For example, if you want to know the nutritional information between a cheeseburger and a slice of pizza put cheeseburger vs. pizza slice into the search box and up will come the above type of information.

2. Use quotation marks to tell the search engine you are looking for the entire phrase in quotes. For example, funny Christmas sweaters will yield a search of those words in any order, while “funny Christmas sweaters” will yield results for only that exact phrase.


3. Use Google search as a timer by typing in Set timer for and the amount of time. The clock will automatically begin the timer and will sound an alarm when the time is up.

4. To search for prices of an item you are interested in buying, type in the name of the item and use the dollar sign in front of the maximum amount you want to spend. For example, Kitchen Aid mixer $300. The results will be all Kitchen Aid mixers for $300 or less.


5. To quickly check the weather type in ”weather” followed by the zip code or name of city.

6. To roll a die or flip a coin enter roll a die and flip a coin for immediate results. If you have Google Chrome you can use voice commands instead of typing. Click the microphone in the search bar.

7. Google will quickly convert anything for you – Euros into dollars, kilometers into miles, ounces into pints, and more. Type in the measure you want to convert and Google instantly does the math for you.

8. To narrow a search type a minus sign (-) before a word and Google will exclude it from the search. For example, if you want information about popular books and only want fiction, type popular books –nonfiction. Conversely, Google will search for any word preceded by a +.   This search +New York City +coffee –Starbucks will give you non-Starbucks coffee shops in New York City.

9. Quickly check a flight’s status by typing in the flight number, that’s it!

10. Use the tabs at the top of the Google search page help you refine your search. If you are looking for a news article or an image, click on those tabs to define the search type and cut search time.

11. Track a package by simply entering your tracking number from UPS, USPS or FedEx into the search box and you’ll receive the tracking information in an instant.

12. Search your favorite site by typing site: and you will only get results for that website.

13. You can use an image to search for similar images, sites that include the image or other sizes of the image you searched for. Common images are easier to search for than personal family photos! Upload the image, drag and drop into search box or use an images URL.

Additional notes:

  • You’ve probably already noticed that Google’s spell check happens automatically and is very helpful!
  • Searches are case insensitive. A search for New York Times will yield the same results as for new york times.