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Summer entertaining on a terrace or around a campfire.

*This article has been updated in September, 2020.

There are fun new gadgets and gizmos to make outdoor entertaining easier than it was last summer. The Grommet was the source for several of these new items. The Grommet is a great website that discovers and launches all sorts of new “products with a purpose”.

outdoor entertaining, Cold Wave

IceColdNow makes ColdWave, which will chill your hot beverage in less than 2 minutes without diluting it! It is made from BPA-free plastic. Keep the insert in the freezer and it will be ready to cool the beverage you want to serve. $39.95.

outdoor entertaining, Yakatori charcoal grill

This Large Fire Sense Yakatori charcoal grill is a versatile, portable Japanese table charcoal grill that can go anywhere. It is 10” x 18” x 7” and weighs 18 pounds. It is handmade from clay and has a large cooking surface and adjustable ventilation. The factory grade ceramic cooks foods quickly and evenly and yields juicy and tender grilled foods. The large size is $48.49. There is a small size that is 7.25” x 10.75”, round and $40.31.

Weber vegetable basket, outdoor entertaining

This is a small stainless steel basket from Weber to use when you’re cooking for one or two people. It is 7.5” and perfect for side dishes like potatoes or vegetables, If you are camping, use it to warm any other foods. $18.99.

insulated beverage holder entertaining

This insulated drink carrier is made by Stubby Strip. It is a neoprene skin that keeps drinks cold by wrapping them tightly and keeping them in place. It holds up to seven cans or bottles.   It comes in blue, camo or red. It folds flat when the cans are empty. $24.95

outdoor entertaining grill grate

GrillGrates measure 13.75” x 5.25” individually and are sold in sets of three. Make sure your grill can fit a 13.75 x 15.37 panel. They even out hot and cool spots in your gas grill. Your food is cooked evenly and never burns. They produce even sear marks. They are fireproof and rustproof. $79.99 for a set of three.

Porcelain Grill Topper

The USA Porcelain Topper by Char-Broil keeps your smaller foods like vegetables, seafood or bacon from falling through the cracks. It has a non-stick coating for easy cleanup and side handles for easy maneuvering. It is 11.65” x 16.5” x 1” and $11.99.

Spiker sand drink holders outside

How do you secure your drink when you are at the beach or on a lawn? Spiker Sand Drinks Holders have spiked bottoms that anchor to the sand and keep the top elevated so whatever is in them – lotion, drink, sunglasses – stays clean and upright. A set of 4 is $24.95.

cast iron skillet outdoor entertaining

Using a cast-iron skillet to cook burgers or steak on the grill takes messy, smoking cooking outside. It gives you even cooking, prevents charred bits, and doesn’t hurt your stovetop cast iron skillet a bit. 15” cast iron skillet is $44.73.


Camping grill outdoor entertaining

This tri-pod camping grill by Rome Industries is compact and easy to store. It sets up in 90 seconds without tools. It has a 20.5” diameter grill surface and is 42” tall when assembled. $41.24.

Want to cook a pizza on the grill? Use a ceramic or cordierite pizza stone to even out heat on your round Weber grill. It will trap and even out the heat, and when it gets hot enough it will make your pizza or tortilla crust charred and crispy. This Thermabond pizza stone is 16.5” in diameter. It is $33.99.

BBQ Dragon Grill Lighter, entertaining

This BBQ Dragon Charcoal Starter and Fire Lighter is for barbeque grills, fire pits, campfires and fireplaces. It works quickly, is battery operated, is cordless and clips to any grill. $30.90.

Extra long extendable fork outdoors

Every self-respecting s’more must have two roasted marshmallows. These extra long 45” extendable forks are perfect for camping or outdoor cooking, and you can roast two marshmallows at once. $16.99.


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