Put a frame under your mask, reduce eyeglass fogging and get comfortable.

Want to breathe? A friend shared a tip on how to make masks more comfortable when walking, running,  exercising – or just grocery shopping. The trick is to use a face mask support frame inside the mask – and it is a breakthrough idea.  The simple frame holds the mask off your face and creates space for air which makes breathing easier.  Ladies, remember when we wore lipstick?  This frame holds the mask away from your lips.  It works with fabric and disposable masks. The ‘frame’ is made of soft, food-grade silicone.  It can be sterilized in boiling water, washed in the dishwasher, or just rinsed.

Face mask frames….

Face mask inner support frame, silicone bracket lifts the mask off the face to give more space for comfortable breathing. Washable. Reusable. 3 clear masks. $12.98

Available in blue or clear Silicone.  Food grade silicone, five blue mask frames.  $11.99


3D mask bracket, made of food-grade Silicone Face Mask.  Increase breathing space for running and exercising.  5 Pcs for Adults. $9.99

Stop your glasses from fogging when wearing a mask.


When your warm breath hits the cold lenses of your glasses, you get fog between you and the world. There are several solutions, including putting a demisting spray on your lenses or using special tape to close the gap between the top of your mask and your face under your glasses.

Koala Cloth travel lens cleaner kit.  Made in the USA. $9.99

Use skin friendly surgical tape to seal the top of the mask and stop your breath from fogging your glasses.


Nexcare gentle paper tape is designed to stick to skin without irritating it.  It is used in hospitals.  The 3/4” width may be helpful in securing the mask. Nexcare tape. ¾” x 8 yards. $3.59

Mask strap extenders…

These 4-inch mask extenders lift the straps of the mask off your ears and make them more comfortable, especially if you must wear a mask for an extended time.  Mask extender, suitable for adults and kids.  4 pieces. $5.99

Mask strap extender.  Six extenders. $7.99

Mask lanyards…

Adjustable mask lanyards keep your mask handy and you will not have to wear your mask slipped down on your chin when you sip your coffee. In black, white, gray and a color collection.  10 Lanyards for $9.98.

DIY hacks which people suggest – making the mask frames even more comfortable.

One person suggested using a hole punch to add holes to this frame to make breathing even easier.

People sewed a frame inside fabric masks and one innovator added a snap to the mask and the frame to keep it in place.  Others suggested Velcro.  I find the frame rests comfortably inside my mask.  If you want a more reliable connection between frame and mask, double stick tape or a quick stitch will work.

Close the gaps at the side of the mask…

Since droplets are the enemy, this Canadian dentist suggests a way to close the gap at the sides of the disposable mask.  A Canadian dentist has shared an ingenious hack to make a standard face mask fit better and work much more effectively. 

Cover a mask with a mask to keep the inside mask clean…

Cover your disposable surgical mask with a washable cloth mask. Healthcare professional and other who must wear masks for an extended time are outing a cloth mask outside of a disposable mask.  The logic is that when a person breathes through a mask, they draw potential droplets to the mask.  Most droplets would be stopped by the cloth mask which can be washed.  The protective, disposable mask will stay cleaner for longer.

See the ASE article on masks.  Staying Safe Out in the Unsheltered World – Masks, Mysterious Masked Person – or Fashion Forward Friend?