Opportunities to support and aid the poorest of economies, and support non-profit organizations around the world have become commonplace, all thanks to the internet and on-line gift shopping responsibly.

Third world crafts are now available worldwide, giving even remote artisans access to an enormous market.  Many on-line stores pledge to donate a percentage of their profits to non-profit organizations.  Some on-line vendors who carry third-world products donate a percentage of sales back to those countries’ neediest citizens.

We have compiled a list of websites that carry delightful products for this holiday season and also give a percentage of their proceeds to worthy causes. A two-for-one!

The Hunger Site” was founded to focus the power of the Internet on a specific humanitarian need; the eradication of world hunger”.  By clicking on the “Give free food” button you give the equivalent of 1.1 cups of food to the hungry. How easy is that!? The food is donated by The Hunger Site’s sponsors.  The Hunger Site sells jewelry, clothing, bags, items for the kitchen and garden, gifts and much more.

We love these Nepali knit hats for $14.95 each.

Gift shopping responsibly

The Working Proof sells a collection of prints from various artists.  Each artist  directs 15% of  print sales to a favorite charity.  This site ‘showcases’ emerging artists and their artwork. while supporting and promoting a variety of charities.

A new print is released each week, and both the artist and his or her chosen charity are featured.  This week, The Working Proof is donating 20% of the proceeds instead of the usual 15%. Prints range in price from $30.00 to $50.00.  “Four Cups” shown here is by Anne Smith and $45.00.  The “Armadillo” is by OSoo  and $30.00.

We are gift shopping responsibly

Try to gift shop responsibly

At Falling Whistles 100% of the sale of whistle pendant necklaces goes to advocating for the freedom and rehabilitation of child soldiers in war-torn Congo. If abducted children aren’t big enough to hold a gun they are given whistles and put on the front lines.  They are supposed to make enough noise to frighten the enemy.  Sadly, they often receive the first rounds of gun fire.  This story is horrible, tragic and desperate. The site is well done, watch the video and be moved.  Be ‘whistleblowers for peace”.

Whistles are $34.00 to $55.00 depending on the metal and finish.

Gift shopping responsibly is twice as good

Baking For Good is an online bakery that donates 15% of every purchase to a good cause.  Here’s the best part – you get to choose the cause to benefit from your 15%!  They use organic, local and seasonal ingredients.  Every order is baked fresh, wrapped in eco-friendly packaging and shipped overnight.

Order brownies, cookies, snacks and allergen-free treats, iced cookies, fall treats,  and holiday gifts.  They will also fill special orders and do special packaging.

They have many non-profit causes from which to choose, and you can add your own suggestion. They support community fundraisers.

Teach gift shopping responsibly

Are you gift shopping responsibly

Donate Fruit helps reduce hunger and encourages healthy eating. When you buy fresh fruit, cheeses, hams, coffee and more from Donate Fruit they send the same weight of fruit to food banks.  They match every order pound for pound.

Are you gift shopping responsibly

Afghan Hands teaches skills to help Afghan widows achieve independence, literacy and a living wage. In the future they hope to build parks and playgrounds for children living in areas devastated by war. There are currently 20 trained artisans creating these beautiful embroidered throws and scarves.  Prices for the scarves range from $75.00 to $399.00 depending on the fabric and intricacy.

You should be gift shopping responsibly

Water.org is a non-profit founded by Matt Damon and social entrepreneur Gary White.  The flasks come in BPA –free plastic ($25.00) and stainless steel ($35.00).  $10 of profits go toward providing clean H2O to some of the one billion people around the world who lack access to safe water and proper sanitation.

Click here to buy a bottle.

Gifting and Shopping responsibly

If you want more products like those above, there is a new website that features anything and everything concerned with the greater good and giving back. Check out www.getmilkshake.com.