Write Your Own Thank You Notes

Thank you notes are important, just time consuming.

Graduation and wedding season are just around the bend. If you want to be the most popular gift-giver ever, consider enclosing a self-addressed, stamped and written thank-you note – to yourself. This idea comes from an ASE reader who is extremely clever in all ways and also has a terrific sense of humor. She gives a gift, the recipient opens the present and just pops the enclosed note in the mail. She has kindly provided a sample letter that she’d include with a self-addressed stamped envelope. She might write the following thank you note to herself:

Dear (name of gift recipient)

Knowing how busy you must be, I have already written your thank you note (enclosed) to me.  All I care about is that it might free up some of your time and that my gift arrived to you intact!

Wishing you both a life time of happiness,


Dear Nancy –

Thank you so much for your very generous and particularly thoughtful wedding gift of the hand painted pottery bowl from the Pine Tree State.  It’s always so exciting to receive a present from our registry because you know it is something that we wanted.  It is even more meaningful to have the long friendship with our families, making your present even more special.  I will always remember our summers in Maine where you were like a second mother (and often seemed more like a sister) to me. 

You clearly realize that this is such a busy time for the “bride” – no one warns you not only how emotional this role makes you, but also and how demanding it is – that’s why I so happy that you enclosed this thank you note to yourself, including a stamped envelope addressed to none other than you.

I will write you a long letter following the honeymoon, but know in the meantime how much you mean to me and how grateful Horatio and I are for your gift and especially for giving me this thank you note that I only have to mail – so original and life and time saving for me!

Sending love,

(gift recipient)

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