Grilling – men seem to think it’s their territory, but they are wrong. Women are hitting the grills and taking their outstanding culinary skills outside.  Here are the latest grilling accoutrements that we like.

Apparently, everyone in the world but me loves vegetables.  I have very adolescent taste buds.  I make an exception for grilled vegetables however.  Those are delicious!  Try this veggie clip for unwieldy vegetables.  $$15 for a set of four.

I am trying grilled pizza this summer because everyone says it’s so easy.  I think I’ll use Elizabeth Karmel’s Grill Friends Pizza Pan w/ Super Silicone Pizza Mat for $19.99 (pan not included).

To make sure the meat isn’t overcooked use the appropriate steak button’ for what you’re cooking.  There is one each for lamb, pork, poultry and beef.  Set of four is $16.44.

We love these matchstick lighters.  We use them for grills as well as fireplaces. $2.22 each.

This corn cage makes grilling corn look simple.  Get that delicious smoky grilled corn flavor without singeing your fingers or dropping the ears.  $14.99.

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