You do have an iTunes account, right?  If you don’t, well, what can we say except GET WITH IT!!

Open your iTunes.  Click on the iTunes Store.  Along the menu bar at the top of the screen, all the way to the right, click on iTunes U.  This brings up the page with all the course offerings, which are FREE!

If you didn’t see iTunes U on the menu bar, you have an old version of iTunes.  Type iTunes U in the ‘Search Store’ box.  The iTunes U page will appear.  After that, your iTunes Store menu bar will always show iTunes U.

Once in the iTunes store, you can choose to download courses from a selection of over 200,000 audio and video files to your computer, your iPod or your iPhone.  All the courses are free.  Here is a sampling of some of the courses offered:  “Basic French”, “A Romp Through The History of Philosophy”, “Managing Risk in an Uncertain World”, “Nature Spaces”, “The Brain Between The Ears, Behind The Eyes”, “Introduction to Comics”, “MoMA, Selected Artists”, “Creative Writing”, “English Writers”, and many, many more!

Courses are offered by Yale, Stanford, Oxford University, Georgia State University, Texas A & M University, Reformed Theological Seminary, University of Michigan, MIT, Clemson University, University of Pennsylvania, Cambridge University, Duke University, Teachers College Columbia University, PBS stations, cultural institutions, and the list goes on and on.

What a great way to be entertained through a long car, plane or train ride, or a long workout!