Holidays during the pandemic are different.

In my family, after all the presents have been opened on Christmas Day there is sometimes a let-down.  We usually fend that off by taking a walk and going to a movie.  With the pandemic movies are not an option, neither is going out to eat, or attending a party.  This year we’re falling back on playing  games.

If you and your family are all in different places you can still play games together.  The Houseparty app has fun games that a group can play together.  Download the free app and follow the instructions to get your group together. The app allows up to eight people in a ‘room’ to share face to face video as they play games together.  You can choose from Trivia, Heads Up, Guac! which is a Cards Against Humanity knock off, and more.

Houseparty app for Google.

Houseparty app for iOS.

Another way to be together with the people you love who are far away is the Rave app.  Rave connects people on both Apple and Android.  Watch a movie together, listen to music, play a trivia game or just have a family reunion. The Rave app allows users to sync up their Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube streamed programs and text or voice chat during the show.

Rave app on Android

Rave app on iOS

If your holiday tradition is walking, running or biking together, Peleton’s machines’ screens  allow members to video-chat with each other during live and on-demand cycling and treadmill classes!

Amazon Prime’s Watch Party allows for up to 100 friends to chat together while watching one of their holiday classics.  And, at the very least, you can put together a conference call on your mobile phone and chat while you open presents, eat a holiday dinner or partake in any other holiday traditions.

If you are fortunate enough to have family with you, here are three articles we wrote about fun games for family play.

What are you doing after dinner?

Board Games

Simple Paper and Pencil Games.


Enjoy the holidays!