One warm cookie at a time.

I’ve been doing research on the best frozen cookie doughs ever since ASE reader Anne F recommended , a new frozen cookie dough company. In my baking and eating research, I did discover that you pay a price for convenience.  Frozen cookie dough is more expensive than most (but not all) actual cookies you’d buy at a bakery, but if you don’t live near a bakery, or don’t have the time to bake cookies yourself, these frozen doughs are worth the price.

has fifteen frozen cookie dough flavors.  These individual Dõ cups are created to please those of us who love raw cookie dough but have a nagging suspicion that we are not supposed to eat it. Eat this dough!  You can also bake it – each container contains enough dough for five large cookies and costs $13.00. You can choose four flavors for a dough 4 pack for $52.00. Or you can choose six flavors for a 6 pack for $72.00.  A gluten-free 4 pack is $62.00.  There are many other combinations you can choose from, including a Tasting Pack of many very small containers so you can sample.  The chocolate chip dough might be my favorite, but I didn’t try too many. This is fun to do with young children.  The packaging is appealing and the amount of cookie dough is just right for young appetites.


Sweet Bee Bakeshop offers frozen Salted Chocolate Chip dough, frozen Toffee Chocolate Chip Crunch Cookie dough and frozen Espresso Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie dough for $11.00 a bag.  They have gluten-free Salted Chocolate Chip Cookie and Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie and Espresso Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie doughs for $12.00 a bag.  They offer Bee Bites frozen dough which are vegan, gluten and dairy-free cookies with pecans, organic carrots, unsweetened organic coconut, dark chocolate, and paleo almond flour for $12.00 a bag. Orders consist of three bags of your choice of frozen cookie dough.  Each bag contains eight pre-scooped balls.  They use fresh butter, Guittard chocolate, real vanilla, and eggs.  These cookies are truly delicious and among my favorites!

Sweet Bee Bakeshop


Famous 4th Street Cookie Co. is a well-known bakery in Philadelphia.  Their frozen cookie dough seems to be only available at Goldbelly, the wonderful food source that delivers your favorite dishes from the U.S.’s most popular and well-known restaurants right to your door.

They offer chocolate chip dough and oatmeal raisin. The chocolate chip cookie was small but good.  I ended up putting two scoops together to get a larger cookie.  They are soft cookies, so if you prefer crispy, try cooking them a little longer. Be careful not to burn them. One tub of pre-formed cookie dough makes 16 cookies.  Each cookie is 2”.  A tub is $49.00.

This frozen cookie dough comes from Nice Buns in Pasadena, CA. and is sold through Goldbelly.  One package makes twelve large yummy-looking chocolate chip cookies garnished with Maldon Sea Salt. Once baked, each cookie measures 3” and weighs about 3.5 oz. One package of twelve cookies is $69.00.  Shipping is free and Honey Gold saved me $15.00 with a Honey Belly coupon!

The Perfect Dough is an all-natural cookie dough and safe to eat raw. There are four flavors that I did not have time to sample, but they look delicious and get very good reviews.  They appear to be only selling in retail stores and not shipping, although they intend to offer online orders soon.  The retail stores they list are Whole Foods and Wegman’s.

The Perfect Dough

I got up early this morning to finish this article by baking some David’s Cookies to try.  I chose the oatmeal raisin on the theory that anything with oatmeal in it counts as breakfast.  They were delicious, and my husband, who loves oatmeal cookies, agrees.  I think these are very good value for the price.  There are over a dozen flavors to choose from.  The minimum order is two boxes, and you can choose any flavor combination. I chose oatmeal raisin and chocolate chunk. The cookie dough is pre-formed, and each box contains 48 cookies. This is among my two favorite of the frozen cookie doughs so far – excellent price and delicious cookies.   Two 43 oz. Boxes are $47.95.


I like Trader Joe’s bakery mixes and doughs because they use real ingredients like butter and milk instead of water and vegetable oil like many other companies.  This is Chunky Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and has 16 cookies in each package and costs $3.49.  One review suggested adding more chocolate chips and maybe other things like nuts, butterscotch, or white chocolate chips. I thought their cookies were disappointing.  They use wheat flour and some molasses which makes the dough dark in color.  The flavor is good, and the baking was very easy.  The cookie ‘pods’ are pre-cut, so you just break them apart and you’re good to go.

Unlike the cookie dough from dõ which can be baked or eaten, this dough can only be eaten as is and NOT baked!  It does not contain any leavening agents necessary for baking.

The 4 oz jars of dough are safe out of the refrigerator for seven days once you receive them, but it is better to refrigerate them.  There are seven cookie dough flavors to choose from.

Happylicious edible cookie dough contains all-natural ingredients including heat-treated flour. It does not include eggs. Four jars of dough cost $32.00.

They will make custom labels if you’d like to give these as party favors or gifts.

The minimum order for shipping is $30.00.