Dan Levy, Jeki Yoo

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Dan Levy and Eugene Levy's discussion

Check out this 3½ minute hilarious video of Dan Levy and his father Eugene Levy (both Schitt’s Creek) defining current youth slang.  It’s very funny.

iphone new button

If you have an iPhone 8 or newer, and upgrade to the new iOS 14 software, you have a new control button waiting to be activated.  It is the shiny silver apple on the back of the phone, now called the Back Tap.  It has been there since the iPhone 8 but was decorative only.  Now it can be activated to perform many functions. The Back Tap turns the entire back of your phone into a giant touch-sensitive pad. You can double or triple tap to launch various functions on your phone.  For a menu of functions, look in the Accessibility menu for Back Tap.  The button has nearly limitless possibilities for its use.

For instructions on how to use the Back Tap button on the new iPhone 14, click here.

Jeki Yoo, magician

Hilarious magician Jeki Yoo, won Asia’s greatest magic contest, the Busan International Magic Festival, in 2006 when he was in high school.  Since then, he has traveled around the world with his magic shows. He was a magician act from Season 12 of America’s Got Talent but was eliminated before the end.  He was, however, voted ‘cutest magician of all time’, Watch these videos and see what you think.




During the pandemic, everyone seems to be renting new places – partly for a change of scene and often to try out a new permanent community. This is an indispensable multi-tool to bring with you if you are renting a furnished space.  It’s called the Gentlemen’s Hardware 12-in-1 Detachable Kitchen Stainless Steel Multi-Tool with Wood Handles and it sells for $25-$50. It has a cheese grater, zester, garlic crusher, small paring knife, serrated knife, peeler, fork, spoon, bottle opener, and can opener. $44.99.


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The Net – A Program to Help Incoming and Current College Freshman Get College Ready.


Mah Jongg – A very old game which is new to many of us.