sumptuious sweeties
*This post has been updated in 2018 for accuracy.

You can’t beat a rich brownie with vanilla ice cream for a yummy dessert! A little chocolate sauce on the ice cream makes it perfect.

Brownies freeze very well, so I always try to keep a few in my freezer for an emergency.  Everything is available online these days including brownies.  Here are some I’ve tried and love.

Harvard Sweet Boutique makes a rich, dense brownie.  They are made with European bittersweet chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate chunks.  Each brownie is individually sealed in cellophane.  A two pound box starts at $27.00.

sumptuous sweeties---Harvard-Sweet-Boutique,

Dancing Deer Baking Co. makes delicious cookies and just as delectable brownies.  Their Chocolate Chunk Brownie Gift Box is on sale for $19.99 for one pound of their best selling brownies.

sumptuous sweeties---Dancing-Deer-Baking-Co.

My friend Frannie gave these incredible Fat Witch brownies to my youngest daughter every Halloween.  She has no idea how many of them I stole from my daughter because they are absolutely delicious!  Fat Witch Bakery brownies are 3.5 oz. each and come individually wrapped.  They are $2.95 each.  For freezing, go with the 8 Baby Witch gift box for $17.95.

sumptuous sweeties---Fat-Witch

The Baked Shop makes a delicious ‘slightly fudgy’ dark chocolate and cocoa brownie.  Their Brown Sugar Blondie is also wonderful.  They bake all of their brownies by hand, to order.  The Original Deep Dark is their classic brownie.  A brownie 6 pack is $23.00.

sumptuous sweeties----the-bake-shop

Fairytale Brownies are made from scratch with only natural ingredients, including Belgian chocolate and high quality butter. This brownie has a crisp exterior and a gooey inside.  The brownies are individually wrapped to preserve freshness.

Choose a half-dozen Original Brownies for $25.95.

sumptuous sweeties---Fairytale-Brownie

Ruth’s Brownie Kitchen is a small artisanal bakery that bakes every batch to order.  They use only organic or natural ingredients and every order is shipped within hours of being baked.  Ruth’s Original Extra Fudgy brownie is $22.99 for six brownies.

sumptuous sweeties----Ruths-Brownie-Kitchen

Sweet Muse’s brownies are freshly baked from scratch.  The fudge brownie is super moist and fudgy and a favorite among brownie purists.  They are individually wrapped. Get the 8- brownie gift tin for $29.50.

sumptuous sweeties--Sweet-Muse

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