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The Friday Bulletin July 5, 2019

The Art of Detective Show

The Art Detectives is a British series that began in 2017.  In it, two art historians examine some of the lesser-known pieces in Britain’s largest art collections.  They look for lost masterpieces and examine the history and provenance of each piece from its creation to becoming a part of a collection.  Viewers learn a great deal about art history and restoration.  According to the series, 80% of Britain’s publicly owned art is in storage or archives, and hence, not available to the public.  This show gives hidden-away treasures well-deserved exposure.  It is available on Acorn TV.



In November a new edition of the classic cookbook, The Joy of Cooking will be released.  The new edition will include hundreds of new recipes, many of them international food, and a new section about fermentation. The publisher, Scribner, has not issued a new edition since 2006. The original publishing date was 1931.  Since then the cookbook has been reissued to keep up with current trends in food and cooking.  It was a staple in my mother’s kitchen as well as mine.  I don’t cook from it often anymore, but it is useful as a research tool. To pre-order hardcover, $26.43.



Do you know a Harry Potter fan?  Check out these Vans – covered in the Daily Prophet.  $75  Vans offers all manner of Wizarding World paraphernalia from Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin.





I was given this great apple peeling gadget and I love it!  The it makes long string of apple for salads or spiral slices for a refreshing, healthy snack with hummus or almond butter.  Johnny Apple Peeler. $21.00