The Friday Bulletin May 24, 2019


Tunefind finds music from your favorite TV shows and movies. Choose your movie or your TV show, season and episode, then browse all the songs. It’s fun!


learn about wine on Hulu

The Wine Show is funny, relaxed entertainment about wine hosted by two actors who aren’t wine experts. They are learning, just like me. We follow them through vineyards, history lessons and quite a number of wine mishaps. It is a delightful British show on Hulu. To watch some trailers go to You Tube.


Given the fact that by 2050 there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish, Tern Goods is providing alternatives to disposable plastics.   They are initially focusing on providing alternatives to plastic bags. They offer reusable produce bags, a set of 5 is $10.00. They also have a Tern Tote made from 100% recycled materials for $18.00. My favorite is The Daily, a reusable grocery bag. I love it because it’s easy to store in my pocket book, and keep a couple in my car.


Have I raved about travel steamers enough? They take 2 minutes to heat up and get all the wrinkles out of all your clothes quickly. They will save you money on dry cleaning, and there’s no wait time. This one from Joy Mangano is a favorite. $19.89.






Jo Malone has launched a limited edition ‘Blossom’ collection.   The cologne scents are Frangipani, Silk Blossom, Orange Blossom and Star Magnolia. The 100ml bottle of cologne is $140, three of the scents have a 30ml size for $72.00. One scent has a candle and one has a scent diffuser in addition to the cologne. Go to your nearest department store to sniff the five scents.