Favorite new barbecue items
*Updated for accuracy, 2017.

It’s that season again!  I adore grilled foods and eating outside.  Here’s some barbecue equipment that is new, to me at least, and looks useful.

If you have a Weber-type kettle grill, this Hovergrill almost doubles the cooking capacity.  It stands on top of the cooking grate, or, if you want to have your food cooked right above the charcoal, it can go below your grill’s grate. It is $32.95.entertain


Bear Paws are plastic ‘paws’ and are good for shredding pork, turkey, chicken and beef, but also for lifting large roasts or birds into or out of your grill. They are sharp with easy-grip handles that stay cool.  They are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe.  They can do double duty as salad tossers.  $10.00.


This is a set of three reusable grill mats.  They are dishwasher safe, nonstick and easy to clean. They can be used on any grill and are great for caramelizing food. Each mat is 16” x 13”.  Under $15.00


This portable dual fuel grill has two cooking modes – charcoal or electric.  Electric mode is good for quick cooking, or for apartments or condos that have ‘no flame’ regs.  Charcoal mode suits small spaces, decks, balconies and picnics.  It is 17”wide x 16.5”deep x 17.75” high. $80.00.


Lillie’s Q barbecue sauces are small-batch all-natural sauces inspired by traditional Southern barbecue.  They come in six flavors – Carolina Gold, Smoky, Ivory (has a mayonnaise and vinegar base), Hot Smoky, E.N.C (vinegar-based and very hot) and Carolina. One 16 oz. jar is $8.00. The sauces are gluten free and have a shelf life of two years.

There is also a Lillie’s Q Carolina Dirt Rub for $8.00.


A few barbecue tips:

  • If you forgot to chill your drinks, add 1 cup of salt to the ice in your cooler.  It will lower the freezing point and chill your cans and bottles faster.
  • Does your cooler smell?  Add a layer of charcoal in the bottom, close the cooler and leave it overnight.  The odors should be gone by morning.
  • Is your white plastic outdoor furniture filthy from being stored in the garage all winter?  Clean it with white foam shaving cream and a soft towel.

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