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“Cooking is like love; it should be entered into with abandon or not at all” Julia Child

Manger is Mimi Thorisson’s blog about her life in the Médoc countryside in a 19th century château with her husband, eight children, and her cooking. She has just published her second cookbook and has a popular French cooking show.  In her blog she shares her delicious recipes and talks about her life in the country and the fresh produce from the area.

David Lebovitz has been a professional baker and cook for most of his life.  He launched his website in 1999 but I only recently discovered it.  He moved to Paris in 2004 and devoted more time for his cookbooks (seven of them) and his blog.  He uses only basic, fresh ingredients, fresh vanilla and good quality chocolate.  I love his recipes!


Serious Eats is a serious blog.  By ‘serious’ the blog does not mean fancy, it means taking delicious food seriously. There are 12 in staff and they develop recipes, taste and review products from around the world and review restaurants.  They have a Features section called Secret Sauce and there are fun articles on how topics like how Murray’s Cheese began, and the Delaware River’s floating hot dog stand. There is also a section on cooking techniques to include Braising, Wok Skills and Sous Vide.


The Kitchn is a daily food blog “celebrating life in the kitchen through home cooking and kitchen intelligence.”  They have 17 million readers!  It was founded in 2005 and they publish 20 short articles daily “that inform and inspire every aspect of home cooking, from recipes to cooking lessons to product reviews to kitchen design and renovation advice.”


 Food52’s name came because they cook food 52 weeks a year. They also create cookbooks, support local food producers, and run a food hotline for ‘real time’ cooks with a problem!  In 2013 they launched their shop and I love it. They carry items for the kitchen, pantry, outdoors, home and table.  If you love to eat, cook and entertain, you will love this blog.  Check out their “Definitive Per-Person Guide to Planning Thanksgiving Dinner”.


SprinkleBakes is a baking and dessert blog.  Since Heather Baird launched her blog in 2009, she has become a trained pastry chef, cookbook author, freelance recipe developer and photographer.  There are hundreds of delicious recipes on the site.  She also contributes recipes to Etsy’s blog.  Check out this recipe for Garden Party Pound Cakes.


Harvest & Honey is one of Saveur magazine’s 2016 food blog finalists. It’s a  personal blog about the foods she loves to cook and eat and the stories behind them.  Her photographs of her creations are works of art, and the stories are delightful.  I love her recipes. See the ASE article on Lauren McDuffie, the magic behind the camera and delicious dishes.


Love & Lemons is a primarily vegetarian food blog started in 2011 and is based in Austin, TX.  The blog’s founder, Jeanine, uses bright seasonal food and loves to finish off her recipes with a squeeze of lemon. You can search for recipes by season, special diet, meal course or by ingredient.  It is a very user-friendly blog.


Half Baked Harvest is written by a young woman who has been cooking since she was 15 years old.  She is now 22.  Her 7-year old sister is her assistant and she also has 5 brothers, so hers is a busy household and she cooks for all of them! Her blog is charming and she has wonderful recipes.  Her blog was a Saveur magazine 2016 Blog Awards winner and a winner of the Better Homes and Gardens 2014 Blogger Awards. Check out her recipe for Thai Pomegranate Chicken Khao Soi Noodle Soup.


While you’re reading these food blogs, there are two new cooking shows you might want to check out.  Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg are two names I for one would never pair together, yet they premiered their new cooking show on November 7th.  It’s on VH1 at 10 PM.   What a pair they are.  There is lots of hilarious talk and culture clashes as well as real cooking.  It’s a kick.



Food blogs

Smitten Kitchen has recently been added to our favorite food blogs. Besides the great recipes, Deb Perelman has a section of foods that are currently in season. A great assist to those with active CSA subscriptions.

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Favorite food blogs

Our Favorite Food Blogs – Soup’s On