Consignment stores
* This article has been updated for accuracy January 2018

If you are thinking about selling your excess “stuff”, here are some consignment store tips from our experts.

What’s the benefit?

You give:

  • Your “junk” (a relative word)… and it becomes someone else’s treasure.

You get:

  • A ‘decluttered’ home… you’ll breathe better.
  • Money – hey, everyone can use some cash (especially now).
  • A clean house and closets. Your family will thank you for it, and you feel so good!

You realize that:

  • All the things you’ve saved for your children…? They don’t want them!
  • Life with just what you really need is always better.
  • Out of sight equals out of mind.
  • You will never miss it. We promise.

What to take in to the consignment shop? Ideally items should be in perfect or near perfect condition. Here are some suggestions:

  • Photographs of larger items – mailed, emailed, or hand delivered
  • Antiques and good furniture reproductions
  • Sterling silver and old silver plate – polished
  • Tiffany, Baccarat, Steuben, etc., etc., etc.
  • China and stemware – sets of 6 or more – no chips, dings or cracks, please
  • Your “Renoirs, Monets and Picassos”
  • Jewelry…the real deal (designer costume jewelry also OK)
  • Decorative pieces – interesting or fun
  • Seasonal items – outdoor furniture in May, and fire tools in October

How does it work? At our favorite consignment shop:
Randi Conway, the owner of the shop, is a certified appraiser and has been in the business for almost 30 years. She will set a fair price. Two thirds of the sale proceeds go to you; one third is the commission kept by the shop. Items are consigned for 4 months and may have markdowns taken at intervals.

Consign It
115 Mason Street
Greenwich, CT 06831
[email protected]

To find a shop near you:

  • Go to Google at
  • Type in – Consignment shops, your zip code – to the search box
  • Click Google Search

Consigning is easy and it’s fun. Give it a try. You’ll be glad you did.

More tips?

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“When in doubt, wear red”, Bill Blass