Shirred eggs

After decades of fried and scrambled, we are enjoying baked eggs these days. They are also known as shirred eggs.  They are easy to make and I combine them with lots of vegetables so they get the day off to a healthy start.

Pre heat the oven to 350 degrees.

I begin with a small cast iron frying pan. Melt a little butter or drizzle in some olive oil.  Sauté the vegetables of your choice on the stove top.  I use whatever is left over in the refrigerator: spinach, leeks, asparagus, mushrooms, onions, and Brussels sprouts.  I add chopped tomatoes at the last minute.  Herbs, bacon, ham and cheese are all good choices.

Make a small impression in the middle of the pan and drop in one or two eggs.  Place the whole pan into the oven and cook for ten to twelve minutes.  We like the eggs to be a little soft.  The eggs will stay warm in the pan until you put them onto a plate.

Ramekins work as an alternative to the cast iron frying pan and make a pretty presentation on your breakfast table.  As an alternative, I have added recipes for eggs baked in an avocados and tomatoes.

Here are some recipes:

Baked eggs with Brussels sprouts and mushrooms

baked eggs with brussels sprouts

Baked Eggs with Spinach

Shirred eggs spinach

Ham ‘N Quinoa Hash with Baked Eggs

fried eggs with ham quinoa hash

Baked eggs with Mushrooms and Gruyere

shirred egg with smushrooms

Cheesy mushroom baked eggs for two

baked cheesy mushroom eggs

Baked eggs in avocado

shirred eggs avacado

Baked eggs in Tomato Cups

Shirred eggs in tomato cups

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ramekins for shirred eggs