More clever ideas we’ve collected from here and there:

Use a can opener to open those very difficult plastic packages (called blister packs or clamshells).

Use crisscrossed masking tape over the top of a vase to keep flowers in position.  The tape creates a grid that will stabilize the stems.

Use a clothes steamer to steam wrinkles out of hanging curtains, or bed skirts and sheets.

Use painters’ tape to mark areas for frames or mirrors on walls when hanging a group, or for furniture when rearranging.

Use shampoo if you’re out of Woolite or other delicate fabric wash.

Baby wipes are great at cleaning carpet stains.

Use a pumice stone to de-pill sweaters.

Clear nail polish is great for stopping runs in stockings, sealing cracks in delicate objects like Christmas tree ornaments, and to secure a knob or drawer pull.  Paint the screw end with the polish, tighten the knob or pull.  When the polish dries it keeps the hardware firmly attached.

Use white vinegar to clean your coffee-maker (run a cup through a regular cycle), loosen blockages in your shower head (remove and soak), and get yuck out of your blender blade area (pour in vinegar and give it a spin).

Use nonstick cooking spray on squeaky door hinges.  Spray on, let sit, wipe clean.

Run citrus peels through your garbage disposal to deodorize your kitchen.

Use one of the many matchless socks in your house to pack your roller hairbrush in.  This keeps the bristles from catching on your clothes in the suitcase.

Use “dead” tennis balls in the dryer to fluff towels, comforters and speed drying time.  Also roll your feet on a tennis ball before getting out of bed in the morning to stretch your foot ligaments which will prevent injury.

Place a coffee filter in a flower pot before filling with soil and it will keep the soil from running out the bottom when its watered.

Right after you finish icing a cake, run a comb over the icing to provide texture and decoration.

Cut the top off a gallon or 1/2 gallon milk jug and use as a scoop for kitty litter, potting soil, birdseed etc.

Put a few packing peanuts in the bottom of your pots before planting to provide drainage.

Roll up old magazines and use as boot shapers.

From Real Simple, use a toothbrush to help remove corn silk when shucking corn.

Use wire hangers to hang rolls of ribbon on.  Untwist hanger, slide on ribbon spools, retwist to secure.

Use large rocks as bookends.

From Real Simple, use a tissue box to store and dispense plastic bags.

Use empty coffee cans, both ends removed, to place around garden seedlings for protection, or to contain plants that tend to overgrow and take over the garden, like mint.