My friend Susan W., our hair care guru, has taught me a great deal about hairbrushes.  Here are her tips:

  • The most important piece of information is to change your hairbrush when it is old because the bristles break.  Broken bristles will damage your hair.
  • Don’t buy brushes with stiff bristles that have no give – they will break the hair.
  • We all need several different types of brushes – a ‘wet’ brush to detangle after shampooing.  Susan’s favorite is a paddle-type brush, used to start the blow-drying. Then we move on to a round brush with a metal core for setting/curling the hair.  If you want to straighten your hair you need a large size round brush.  The best large round brushes for straightening and smoothing have boar bristles.
  • Your hair should be 80% dry with the paddle brush before you start styling with the round brush.

Here are some brushes with appropriate bristle flexibility approved by Susan:

She likes the ‘Wet’ Brush.  It has soft IntelliFlex bristles, detangles wet or dry hair, and is great with curly, thick, thin or straight hair. Choose from among fourteen colors.  Under $10.00.

There is a ‘squirt’ size for $11.00.

Mason Pearson makes very popular all-purpose brushes. Made in England, they have been around since the late 1800s.  I’ve always loved them, and there are several varieties.  Don’t lose one, it will be expensive to replace.  This is a link for my favorite one.  $148.90.

Susan’s favorite styling brushes are made by YS Park.  They have a large selection depending on your hair length and the style you want to create.

Here is one that is both a curler and straightener for $69.00.

Here is the link for their entire inventory.

The Cricket Tourmaline Technique Thermal brushes have tourmaline ionic bristles that help keep the hair moisturized.  Choose the size appropriate for your styling technique.  From $13.00 – $23.00.

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