Produce a fun, entertaining, and personal contribution to the next celebratory event you attend.  Make the person of honor a star in a crossword puzzle devoted entirely to them!

Create a personal crossword puzzle by generating a list of clues and answers meaningful to them.  The computer will construct the puzzle.

For the party, print out the blank puzzle, take it to your nearest printing shop, like Kinko’s, and have it blown up to poster size. At the party place it in an accessible area with a marker, and let the guests fill in what they know about the person of honor.

Ginny has made them as thank you gifts after a house party. Nancy has done them for a step mother’s 80th birthday and a friend’s birthday.  They are great fun and very easy to prepare.

The website listed below allows you to make them up for free. – click on “see puzzle as web page” and print.

Another website is

or you can purchase and download software that gives you many different options and is easy to use: