DIY photo gift tags

Teaching children that the spirit of the holidays is about giving, sharing and bringing joy is a wonderful process.  The challenge is that small children cannot read the gift tags, so they mostly ‘receive’ with family members reading the tags and giving out gifts.  I had a good idea last year. I made gift tags with photos of all the people who gathered around our tree.  As family and friends arrived, they attached a tag with a photo of the intended recipient to each gift.  It took seconds.  If you have toddlers around your tree or menorah this year, this really works.

The basics:

  1. Choose a photo of each person who will receive a gift.
  2. Print multiple copies of each photo.
  3. Punch a small hole and add a ribbon or twine to attach each photo to a gift – no need to write the name of the recipient, but you can add the name of the gift giver to the photo.

Your toddler will go to a pile of gifts and bring gifts to the right recipients.  The child just needs to recognize the person in the photo on the tag.  No reading skills required for the youngest elves.  They get to ‘give’ and receive smiles and warm feelings.


Want to get fancier?  Find a template you like and cut around the edge of the photo in a holiday shape.

Mitten and stocking shapes from Martha Stewart.

Steps to make your photo tags.

Want CVS to do the printing?  Upload photos of your gift recipients to the CVS website, tell them how many prints you want of each one.  You can pick them up in your CVS store.  From 29 cents per photo.