Need some fresh ideas for dinner? No where close to a cookbook? Try these great apps for your favorite phone or tablet. You’ll be inspired in no time!

Epicurious app

This free app is available for the iPhone, iPad, Android, Nook, Kindle and Samsung.  It has over 27,000 food and drink recipes.  You can create and email shopping lists and save recipes to your personal ‘favorites’. updates the app regularly with the latest recipes from the site.  You will never get bored!

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner app

Search among 40,000 recipes by nutrition, ingredients or how quickly it can be made. Create a shopping list, bookmark your favorite recipes or email them to friends.  The new Grocery Scanner feature lets you scan items already in your pantry for recipes that use them, or scan them and add to your grocery list.  This website is the one that pops up most often when you Google a recipe, and now it’s offering a free app!

This free app is available for Android, iPhone and Windows phone.

The No Time to Cook? app is from Real Simple.  The focus is on fast and easy food.  It has an interactive grocery list, 850 recipes,  step-by-step instructions and timers.  Choose from three time options – 40 minutes, 30 minutes and 20 minutes.

$5.00 for Android, iPhone and iPad.

Jamie’s Recipes app

Jamie Oliver is Britain’s famous “naked chef”.  His recipes are fantastic and his 2011 app “20-Minute Meals” has been wildly popular. While this new updated version is free with a basic 10 recipe, 3 video pack, there are additional recipe packs available for purchase.

The Big Oven app has over 250,000 recipes and grocery lists and was recommended to us by our friend Moe who loves to cook.  It has menu planning, the ability to organize your recipes, and drag and drop them into your calendar.  You can use many search options, like ‘leftovers’, or ingredients you have on hand.Meet other cooks on the site and swap recipes and learn from each other.

Free for Android, iPhone or tablet.