Digital service for magazines

My magazine dream has come true.  I have subscribed to Next Issue where I get most of the magazines which interest me delivered to my iPad and iPhone for a flat fee of $14.99/month.  A few of my favorites are not yet available.

Note – On January 1, 2016, Next Issue was bought and the name was changed to TEXTURE.

I love the convenience of reading my mags on my iPad wherever I am. I can search for articles on chosen topics. Top articles are recommended to me each week. Three years of back issues are available at a click.

I am happy that no trees are being cut down to send me decorating tips or long articles on world affairs.  The mailman’s bag got five pounds lighter. Our landfill contribution is considerably reduced.

How does Next Issue work?  Download the App for a 30 day free trial to see if you can make the digital leap.  Go through the extensive list of available magazines titles and curate your own list of ‘favorites’.  That is it. When you get a few minutes to read, click on the Next Issue icon on your iPad and select a magazine


At the top of the Next Issue home page you’ll see images of ‘top stories’ chosen for each of your favorite magazines.  Click if you are intrigued by the suggestions, or scroll down to see the complete current issue of each of you favorites.  You can download issues to read when your iPad has no service – like on an airplane.

I have had a few surprises with Next Issue.  When I first subscribed, I thought that I would use the simple ‘print’ feature to get paper versions of articles and recipes.  I use it less than I thought since I have gotten comfortable to saving ideas to Evernote (more on Evernote, later…). Because incremental magazines are free, I have added Popular Photography, Sunset, Wine Enthusiast, National Geographic for Little Kids and Outside Magazine to my list of favorites.  I don’t read each issue ‘cover to cover’, but I always check out the ‘Top Stories’.

When your free trial runs out, you’ll pay $9.99/ month for all monthly magazines or $14.99/month for all magazines – including weekly publications. You can share your subscription with five devices, so my husband and two daughters are getting the benefit of my investment.

Catalog of magazines available at Next Issue –