Decorate a wall now with a fabulous scarf or shawl.  When you move or redecorate, remove the scarf from the frame and wear it.

Bare walls are no fun – they need a personality.  However, paintings and posters are hard to move or store when you want to redecorate.  We love to frame beautiful scarves. Silk, cashmere, cotton or a mix; they add color, warmth and interest to a room.  When you want to change your room, they fold up and go back into your drawer to be worn.

The frame: Go to a frame store and ask them to make a simple wooden frame about an inch smaller than the scarf.  Staple the scarf to the frame.  Add a hanging wire.  No glass. Your wall has personality.  We had one made in San Francisco by a local frame shop.

Hint: we paid a dry cleaner $3.00 to press the scarf perfectly before we framed it.

You can order a simple frame on the web.  A 36 x 36 square (1/2” wood) is $35.

You may have the perfect scarf or fabric already lucky you.

We particularly like square scarves and shawls.  They look good as shown in the photo or rotated and hung as a ‘diamond’.  Here are some places to find the perfect scarf:

EBAY – Large square scarves


Vintage Hermes from LES 3 MARCHES DE CATHERINE B in Paris – they ship to the U.S.

Vineyard Vines for bright colors and a preppy look.