covid car clutter

My car is my ‘bubble’ away from home and it is full.

My car feels like an extension of my home.  In these odd days of Covid, I take alcohol wipes, hand sanitizer, gloves and masks with me when I set out.  I throw away disposables when I get back into my car.  My car was beginning to look as if I was on a 48-hour stake-out in a TV detective show.  This is a moment to control what I can control.  I have organized the Covid clutter.

These organizers can sit in the front or backseat, but easily go into the trunk or the ‘way back’ when I need the seats to be clear.  Most are not expensive, so I am using one for now and looking forward to a post-Covid world when I won’t need it anymore

Here are some products to bring order back into your ‘home on wheels’.

These attractive car baskets organizers are hand made from felt and leather.  There are nine external pockets for gloves, disposable masks, a cloth mask, and small trash bags.  There are three removable compartments inside where I put a small trash container and hand sanitizer.  The organizer is 13 × 7 × 6 inches – small – but just enough to control Covid car clutter.  It ships from the UK, so you will have to be patient for a couple of weeks.  You cannot put felt and leather into the washing machine. Each organizer is $28.23, and shipping is free.



This storage organizer has 2 insulated cup holders, four mesh side pockets and two large middle storage spaces, straps for seatbelt attachment , a special pocket for wipes or tissues and handles so that you can move it off the seat when you have company.  9.5 x 17 x 9.5 inches.  Front and backseat car organizer, $22.90.




This open car caddy has movable dividers in the two main compartments to create the spaces to fit your stuff. It has five mesh pockets on the outside. It has a seat belt attachment and a center handle to make it easy to move. It folds flat for storage. 13.5 x 9.75 x 11.5 inches. Car caddy organizer. $29.99


This Seabags Bucket Bag is made from recycled sails with six exterior pockets in red canvas.  Hemp rope handles.  11” high x 7” wide. $65

Mariner Bucket Bag with six interior pockets is made from recycled sails.  11” high x 7” wide.  $75.00

This small trash can fits inside the organizers and is just right for disposable masks, gloves and used wipes. 5″W x 5″D x 7.4″H.

White, black stainless or rose gold trash can. $14.99

Brushed stainless trash can. $14.99.


Pop Up Trash Bin, Black.  $5.00.

Two rolls of 100 small trash bags.  11.02‘’× 6.69‘’.  $11.97

This car caddy hangs behind the front seat from the headrest. It is 10.5″ wide at the top, 8” x 3” at the bottom and is 8.5″ tall.  It is lined with oilcloth for easy clean up.  The outer fabric is cotton and there are many choices of color and pattern for the band.  I like the look of this but since it has just one pocket, I think that I would need two to get my supplies organized in one and put trash in the other.  Cotton car caddy. $30.50 each.

This organizer hangs behind the front seat and stores wipes or tissues, hand sanitizer, gloves and trash.  $14.99.

These cleaver seat pockets slide in between your seat and center console and can store masks, gloves, sunglasses and other clutter, without dropping it out of sight into the pocket in the door.  Note: it will not fit cars with a handbrake in the center or when the seat height is lower than the center console. The seat pockets come in several colors. Choose a right seat pocket, left or a set of two.  Each seat pocket is $15.98.

These seat gap pockets offer two USB charging points behind the cup holder. Seat pocket with USB chargers. $15.99 each.

The simplest and least expensive solution to Covid car clutter is to place these two bag hooks over the headrest and hang bags you already own from the hooks.  You can hang a garbage bag from one of them. Two pack of metal headrest hangers, $6.60.