technology clutter

Innovative gadgets = less clutter and fewer wires.

tecnology clutter sharging station

This 2.5” cube has five charging ports including quick charge, USB and Type C with surge protection.  It has a skid protection surface on the bottom, so it stays in place on my desk.  I bought just one, and now I have them everywhere we charge devices.  Multi-Port Charging Cube. $26.99

magnetic cables for charging

magnetic cables organize technology clutter

The small magnetic strips keep this lightning charging cable neatly coiled – they are simply better than having lengths of cord tangled on your desk. They are rated for fast data transfer and this version comes with a USB connection on one end and three interchangeable connectors – for Type C, Mini USB (Micro) and iPhone/iPad. This is a three-foot cable, but you can find lots of lengths available in the magnetic coil.  Magnetic Charging Cable with three interchangeable connections. $22.99.

spiral cables to organize technololgy clutter

coiling lightning cables

These magnetic lightning charging wires have a USB on one end and an iPhone/iPad charger on the other.   Pack of three, 3’ cables, $32.99.  These magnetic cables eliminate the trailing wires in my car as well.


power cube to organize technology clutter



This 2.6” Power Cube has four AC outlets with surge protection and three USB ports.  It has a five-foot cord to bring power to your desk. Power Cube $23.99

phone stand technology clutter organized

I sometimes fumble around my desk looking for my phone under papers. I also like to have my phone propped up so that I can scan my text traffic. This stand has clean, modern lines and makes it easy to keep track of my small screens.  Cell Phone Stand.  $8.99

convenient ipad stand

Subscriber Susan G. recommends this larger stand for iPads and other tablets. Multi Angle Tablet Stand.  $19.99

desk light with charging for technology clutter

Subscriber Susan G. also recommends these OttLite lamps. They claim to show color more accurately and details more clearly while reducing glare and eyestrain.  Susan has this OttLite Emerge LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port.  It has three brightness levels: ClearSun natural daylight, bright white and warm white.  It has an adjustable neck that can extend the height from 11 to 23”. Reposition the shade for the best glare-free position to suit your needs and fold it down when not in use.  It claims to reduce eyestrain significantly.  OttLite Emerge LED Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port, $59.99.

Ottie Slim line desk lamp

This Ottlite 13W Slimline Desk Lamp  is 3.94” x 6” x 16.06”.   It is adjustable, folds out of the way and has a small footprint on the desk. It just has one level of brightness and claims to be close to daylight. Ottlite 13W Slimline Desk Lamp  $29.99

dyson fan to reduce technology clutter

It is a bit of a splurge, but I love this Dyson Air Multiplier fan in my office.  It is quiet and has no blades. 5.8” x 12” x 19.7”.  The remote control is magnetic and slightly curved, so it rests on the rounded base of the fan. It has a choice of ten airflow settings. Dyson Air Multiplier AM06 Table Fan, 10 Inches, White/Silver.  $272.00

aluminum cylinder tissue holder cover

I like these aluminum tissue covers. They are a little flimsy, but they have a small footprint on your desk, and they ‘disappear’.  Aluminum Tissue Cylinder Cover. $11.99.

cylinder tissue holder

Six cylinder’s of Kleenex Tissues. Fifty tissues in each cylinder.  $29.64