Explore coordinating colors
*Updated January 2020

Whether you are painting a room, designing a newsletter or assembling an outfit – here are some hints on how to find colors that ‘work’ together.

At Adobe Color, creative people from all over the world have contributed color pallets. You can search them by theme (from Acceptance and Marilyn Monroe to Summer Afternoon and The Z Space) or just choose the most popular offerings. Upload a photo to Color and it will specify the colors in the picture.

Color Collective’s creator, Lauren, takes color inspiration from the images of designers – fashion and decorating – and gives us their color pallets. Look in the right hand column to select Fashion, Interiors, Photography, Fabric and many others. Find an image you like and you’ll see the individual colors within it.

Colour Lovers is better than a new box of crayons. Creative people have developed interesting colors and given them names. You can see the newest, most loved – or all of them.

Canva is a great online design service that provides lots of templates for anything you need to create; forms, banner, letterhead, social media headers and so much more. They have recently introduced a new service that “teaches you everything you need to know about colors, their meanings and the many color combinations that will hopefully give inspiration to your next design”. Canva is easy to use, has a free option and paid subscription.

Hint: I had a friend who used bold and unusual colors when she painted a room. It worked. I asked where she found her inspiration. She chose a painting that inspired her and copied the colors. She reasoned that if the world’s greatest artists used those colors together, they would work in her room.

Gretchen Rubin, the well known podcaster and author of The Happiness Project, has a passion for colors and likes to talk about how they integrate with our daily lives.

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