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Unroll.me – the app

My husband told me about an app called Unroll.Me in his never-ending attempt to get my cluttered desk, emails and mind sorted out. It is a free app that lets users manage their inboxes by unsubscribing from unwanted subscriptions, promotions and annoying email lists you no longer want to be on. It also allows you to keep the remaining emails in one place (part of a Rollup – more on that later), or you can opt to allow the ones you love (like A Sharp Eye, I’m sure) to continue coming into your inbox as is. It currently supports the following email providers – Outlook.com (including Hotmail, MSN & Windows Live), Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail and iCloud.

For every subscription you have, Unroll.me gives users three options: Unsubscribe, Rollup or Keep. A Rollup consolidates the subscription emails you have selected and rather than them going to your inbox individually, Unroll Me will send you a daily digest with an overview of all of them, called a Rollup. If you do not receive a Rollup email that means you didn’t receive any email subscriptions for that period of time. Rollup allows you to specify whether you want to receive it daily, weekly or monthly, and in the morning, midday or in the evening. You can change the category for any Rollup email subscription at any time to either Keep which means it will be sent individually to your inbox, or Unsubscribe.

Unroll.me and declutter I like having the different categories. I subscribe to some things I always want to see; A Sharp Eye and a few product review newsletters, for example, and I want them to continue to come directly to my inbox. Others I want to see once in a while and that is where a Rollup is very helpful. It will collect those subscriptions I’ve selected for Rollup and in just one email they will send me the group that has come in that day. I can quickly check them out, see if I want to save any of them, then discard the entire group at once. I use Gmail, and while it will filter those subscriptions and advertisements into Promotions. I have to remember to check it every once in a while. A Rollup eliminates the need for me to check my Gmail Promotions folder ever. I love it!

Sign up is easy. Go to their site and begin the quick registration process, or get the app from your app store on your phone. You will be asked to give permission for Unroll.me to have access to your mail, and that’s about it.

In about 15 minutes I had unsubscribed from 231 subscriptions, put 10 into a Rollup and kept 57 coming individually. A good day’s work!!