I saw an article in a June, 2014 magazine about the new “clean eating” trend.  This is new?  Isn’t this what Michael Pollan has been carrying on about since 2006? I Googled “clean eating” and here is what I learned.

Clean eating, or eating clean is now a major movement that has been slowly growing to this point since the mid 1990s. The primary principle of clean eating is to replace processed foods with fresh and natural foods.  Some of us have been eating this way for decades.  Some of us have been trying like hell to eat this way for decades.  If this is now a major movement I am hoping that it will have an economic impact on the producers of the processed foods that contain more chemicals than nourishment. With any luck, the higher costs of organic and natural foods will come down, and there will also be an impact on the obesity epidemic in our country.

Michael Pollan has made several statements that make it very easy to decide what’s clean and what’s not clean.  One is “Eat like your grandmother”.  By this he means that most of our grandmothers wouldn’t recognize a Dorito if it fell on them.  He also says “Avoid food products containing ingredients that are A) unfamiliar, B) unpronounceable, C) more than five in number or that include D) high-fructose corn syrup”, and my favorite “Don’t eat anything incapable of rotting”.

Basically, my research showed that clean eating is associated with quality first.  Think about what processed foods are doing to your body.  Think about all the antibiotics being added to your foods, and the effects of BPA.  This translates to eating more vegetables and whole grains and less meat. Choose meat, dairy and eggs that contain NO antibiotics and only non-GMO (genetically modified organisms).  Eat less sodium and sugar, watch alcohol consumption and limit processed foods.  Sigh.  Way to take all the fun out of eating, but it will be nice to feel better, have more energy, look great, maybe live longer, and reduce the astronomical health care bills in this country. I guess it’s true that “you are what you eat”.

Here are the 2014 clean eating trends:


Supporting CSAs for fresh produce

Getting creative with chicken

Milling your own flour and grains

Experiment with new fish like Sea Robin and Wolf Eel

Tea, tea, tea

Grapefruit – lots of vitamin C

Cauliflower – very trendy and loaded with nutrients – roasting entire heads, blending with mashed potatoes. Does this mean Kale is ‘out’?

Kaniwa – quinoa’s little sister.  Quinoa has gone mainstream.  Now we have a similar but smaller grain.  It is also from the Andes, cooks quickly and is very high in protein.  You can buy it online or in a natural foods grocery.  Get 12 oz of Kaniwa for $4.69 + $4.99 shipping at the ASE amazon store.

Fermentation is hot.  Pickles, sauerkraut and Kombucha are very popular.