Gracie, De Gournay and some modern alternatives.

I treasure the hand-painted chinoiserie wallpaper that was in our dining room when we bought the house over 20 years ago.  Far from being dated or old fashioned – my daughters are choosing something similar in their own homes, and they are decidedly ‘on trend’.  The hand-painted paper is given grace by the artists, artisans and ‘makers’ who created it.  It evokes a calm that predates the digital age.

Hand-painted wallpaper has been influencing interior design in the West since the 18th century.  It was brought to the West by ship when sea trade with the Far East replaced the overland Silk Road.  Ships allowed for a greater volume of goods to be transported. There were limits to what a camel could carry!

Popular designs were commissioned in Asia by sea captains who brought the wallpaper home. Gracie wallpaper is hand-painted in China.  While it is luxury to cover a wall in hand painted paper, I have seen it framed on individual panels to form triptychs with panoramic landscapes – many from classical, historic and natural scenes.

Gracie is one of the classic hand-painted wallpapers with lots of designs. Each 3’ x 10’ panel can take 75+ hours to complete and can cost $600 and much more for detailed and custom designs.  Gracie Wallpaper

chinoiserie from De Gournay

De Gournay, the other classic wallpaper, has especially colorful designs that ‘pop’.  De Gournay

Architectural Digest makes the case for $1,000 wallpaper for timeless beauty, a peaceful home and as an investment.

First Dibs, the online decorating auction site, has a variety of Chinoiserie Wallpapers, some vintage and some modern creations.

Paul Montgomery offers modern hand-painted chinoiserie wallpapers in a variety of designs and sized to your order.

Price available upon request.

Not all Chinoiserie Wallpaper is hand-painted, old or expensive!

Tempaper Chinoiserie Wallpaper

Tempaper offers a line of Chinoiserie designs that are modern takes on the classics.  They are self-adhesive, so you can install them yourself and move them. They are made in the U.S. and are non-toxic.  They can be wiped clean and are safe for children. A young company, launched in 2008, Tempaper also offers contemporary wallpaper designs inspired by the founders’ back yards and organic aesthetic. Installation is easy – align the top of the paper with the top of the wall and use a squeegee to smooth it onto the wall.  Most designs are $12 to $15 per square foot.

chinoiserie wall panels

Anthropologie offers this wall mural with peacocks and an enchanted garden.  The digitally printed strips can be applied without wallpaper paste and are easy to remove.  The panels combine to cover 108” square feet. $228 for the mural.

Anthropologie Wall Mural.

Frontgate offers these three hand-painted paintings on canvas which give the feel of Chinoiseries wallpaper panels.  Each panel is 26″W x 55-1/2″H.  $1,599

Frontgate Annette Hand Painted Triptych.

chinoiserie painted on silk

Nauzha chinoiserie, vintage bird wallpaper can be made on several materials including removable silk and non-woven fabric.  You send them the dimensions of the wall you want to cover, and they fabricate your wallcovering.  Silk is 2.9 per sq. ft.
Removable Silk is $3.50 per sq. ft and Removable Nonwoven material is $3.50 per sq. ft.  Chinoiserie wallpaper.

Chinoiserie Décor on Etsy comes in both full and faded color, the latter gives a vintage feel. The panels are 24” wide and can be printed for any height.  Nine panels combine to make a mural that is 102” x 216 for $418.65.  Chinoiserie Floral Birds Wallpaper Repeat Mural, Home Decor Wall Mural, Tropical Scenic Landscape Wallpaper

If you are intrigued by modern alternatives to the luxury chinoiserie wallpaper brands, check out these options, and more, on Etsy.