matching pajamas

Sometimes I just need to assert my right to be corny.  Last Christmas, I produced matching pajamas for the family, on Christmas Eve.  I couldn’t find a matching flannel ‘onesie’ for our two-week-old granddaughter, so I bought some extra large flannel pajama bottoms and used the material to make a ‘onesie’.  Ok, it was my idea and I coordinated the effort, but I didn’t actually sew it.

Nevertheless, if you want to create some real Christmas magic (and, okay, provoke some real Christmas groans and eye-rolls), PJ’s are the way to go. The best part? They give everyone an excuse to stay comfy and snuggly all day long—hey, they’re just being festive!
Without further ado, the Sharp Eye picks for Christmas PJs, 2013:

Hannah Anderson – stripes for the whole family.  Tops $42, bottoms $36.


My girls all get a kick out of these “Union Suits” from the Vermont Country Store ($69.50), complete with a “Fireman’s Flap” in the rear (just google it)


And if you’re looking to go more chic than cheesy, look no further than these vintage-inspired, super-stylish PJ sets ($95.00) and nightshirts ($68.00) from J Crew. Pro-tip: if you’re giving nightshirts, also include a pair of festive leggings to make them all-day appropriate!


Cozy flannel pants in several patterns, $39.95 at LL Bean.


Pajamagram makes it easy to buy with their family pajama planner:

Pajamagram Matching Pajama sets

Adults $49.99, children $34.99, infants $25.99 at


I like these pajama bottoms because people might wear them well beyond the holidays. At Amazon.

Christmas Morning Family Matching Pajamas

Pajama Workshop at Etsy will make pajama bottoms for your family from toddler sizes to adult size 16.  The red chevrons are $13 and the green flannel dots are $22.  Other fabric is available or you can send them your own fabric.  They will make it into lounge pants.

Etsy matching pajama bottoms Etsy matching pajama boxers

I got everyone matching pants and then got bright red sweaters for the ladies.  I got the guys useful white tennis shirts.  Here are some inexpensive sweater choices:

$18.95 at the Amazon.