When transporting food, the performance of your cooler is crucial.  Spoiled, thawed or smooshed food is not what you’re going for.  We have different coolers for different purposes.  Some are heavy duty and foolproof, some I bought purely for aesthetic reasons and are good for short trips or small amounts of food.

All coolers should keep food at the same temperature as when it went in the cooler for at least four hours.  The best coolers can actually reduce the temperature of the food.

Here is a cooler line-up with variety.  You fill in the gaps in your cooler collection.

This small cooler combines cooler and thermos.  It would be perfect to bring an hors d’oeuvre and Cosmos to a picnic or party.  The thermos has a 1 .1 qt. capacity, and the cooler interior is divided into sections. Under $60.00.

This small Rubbermaid cooler is in the “personal” cooler category.  It holds 10 quarts (about 12 cans with ice), has excellent thermal retention and an easy to clean liner. It weighs only 2.8 lbs. Less than $20.00.

This 102 quart Rubbermaid cooler has extra thick insulation that keeps ice up to 5 1⁄2 days.  It can hold 170 pounds of fish with 30 lbs of ice, or 156 cans plus ice. It is very durable and easy to clean. Under $100.00

We love the classic look of this Coleman Steel-Belted Cooler.  It holds 85 cans, has stainless steel handles with rubber grip for easy carrying.  The solid steel latch seals contents. Less than $100.00.

Here’s an unusual cooler.  It has a detachable AM/FM radio and a large, foil- insulated food/beverage cooler compartment that holds 18 cans. It also has an MP3 jack, an AC/DC adapter jack. Have tunes, will travel.  $59.99  pix.

You’ll be relieved to learn that this cooler is bear resistant.  It is made for ‘extreme situations’.  It is dry-ice compatible and provides superior insulation due to 2” insulation. This model is 20 qt.

Coolers can get heavy when packed full, so wheels are very useful.  This Coleman 62 qt. is well priced.  It is well insulated, keeping ice for up to five days.  It is 31.5” x 17” x 15.5”.  Less than $64.99.

This cooler is very highly rated.  It is a large, 62-70 can collapsible rolling cooler.  It has an ultra-insulating layer of plastic lining that keeps its contents very cold.  It also has three different pockets to store smaller foods or drinks. It measures 17”h x 15”w x 14”l. $79.99.

This is not technically a cooler, but it does keep drinks cold.  If you are on a liquid diet, it’s all you need!  The Chill It Bag holds 6 bottles or cans.  It has a freezable middle divider in addition to the gel-lined freezable sides to keep your liquids cool on all four sides.  Around $15.00.