Nothing beats the ambiance of candlelight.

I love candles, those that burn and those that run on a battery.  It’s the flickering candlelight that both types give off that sets the tone of a room or an event. Battery candles have perfected the candlelight ambiance.  These candlesticks will take either burning candles or battery-operated candles.

These candlesticks come from a company called Anna + Nina and are sold at Selfridges in London.  Click on U.S. currency to see the price in dollars, shipping to the U.S. is easy. I love the designs and colors.





This piped glass candlestick is 11.8” tall.  It also comes in lavender.  $40.00.

The same candlestick also comes in amber and green for $34.00.








This Anna + Nina candlestick is made from bubble glass and is 11.8” tall.  It is $45.50 and also comes in turquoise blue and two with color combinations.






These striped glass tealight holders are 3.5” high and $17.00 each.








This is the Grand Galet candle holder by Maison Balzac.  It is 1.4” high and 4” in diameter.  It is made from 100% Borosilicate glass and is hand blown. It also comes in blue and white. $49.00.



This multicolored candle holder is made from thin, durable borosilicate glass.  It comes in three sizes.  The small is 5.5” H and $55.00, the medium is 9.5” H and $65.00, the large is 11.25” H and $75.00.



These Flare Candle holders are $45.00 each.  They are made from blown glass and are 3”H and 4.5” D. They come in four colors.



This candleholder by Jonathan Adler is called the Pompidou, named for the Pompidou Center in Paris that looks just like this.  It is solid multicolored acrylic pipes fused together with polished nickel to hold the candles.  It is also available in clear acrylic and makes a great centerpiece. It measures 7.75” W x 7.5” D x 9.5” H.   It is a splurge but unique!  $350.00.



I love these Wrought Iron Leaf Tealight Candle Holders.  They come as a four-piece set.  They are available in green or gold.  Leaf 1 is .7” x 3.4” x .7”, Leaf 2 is 3.1” x 2.3” x .7”, leaf 3 is 4.8” x 4” x .7” and leaf 4 is 5” x 3.7” x .7”.

$18.95 for the set.


You can never go wrong with a classic pair of clear crystal candlesticks. These Waterford Crystal candlesticks are 8” high and on sale for $97.00 for a set of two.


This Monte Carlo Trio are blocks of acrylic fitted with brass candle holders for slim tapered candles with a spike for keeping the candles in place. The set includes one small green, one medium pink and one large blue Monte Carlo Candle Holder.  They are also sold separately.  The set of three is on sale for $250.00.


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