bud vase

Small, appealing and better in groups.

It’s house guest season, and I like to put fresh flowers in my guests’ bedrooms as well as their bathrooms. I prefer to use bud vases in the bathrooms since counter space is at a premium. I also like to mix and match bud vases as a centerpiece for my dining room table.

long neck milk glass bud vases

Assorted milk glass bud vases go anywhere and look great in a group. Etsy has many offerings of assorted milk glass bud vases, in varying amounts. Prices vary, but generally they run $3.00- $7.00 a vase.

beaker glass bud vase

This is a simple cloche bud vase from CB2. It is made from chem lab beaker glass, holds a single stem and is 2.25” diameter x 4”h. $2.95.

clear cylinder bud vase

This is a useful cylinder bud vase that will blend in anywhere or look great grouped with other bud vases. It is made with a weighted base to prevent tipping and is 7.5” high. A set of 12 is $29.79.

glass long neck flare top bud vase

Another cylinder bud vase but this one is flared at the top. It is 8” tall and the top is 2” in diameter. A set of 8 is $23.92.

hand blow bud vase

This is a hand blown white glass bud vase. It is made from recycled glass and is 4.5” high. The bottom diameter is 3.75” and the top diameter is 1.5”. $65.00. There are other very pretty color combinations on the website.

inkwell urn bud vase

This Inkwell Urn bud vase comes in three colors. It holds one stem and is made from tinted glass. It is 3” high by 2.5″ in diameter at its widest point. $6.00.

tinted sand blasted bud vase

This bud vase is made from tinted sanded glass. It should be hand washed without soap. It is 4.25” high by 4” deep with a 2” diameter. It comes in green, blue or white. $8.00.

teeny small bud vase


This is called the Teeny Small bud vase for a reason. It is 2.75” in diameter by 4” high. It is clear glass in a teardrop shape. $4.95.

mercury glass bud vase

I love mercury glass and this set of six mercury glass bud vases is appealing. They range from 4” to 5” high and 3” in diameter. The finish is antiqued silver and gold. A set of 6 is $93.00.

handcrafted floral vase

This is a rustic handcrafted floral bud vase. It is made from hand-thrown terra cotta clay and hand painted. It is 5” wide x 4.75” high. On sale for $11.77.

vanishing bud vase

Living up to its name, the Museum of Modern Art Store offers this modern, Vanishing Bud Vase. 8” h x 5.5” w x 4”d. $20, $16 for members.

5 aluminum bud vases

I love this set of five aluminum bud vases, each with a detachable magnetic pad at the base. The base is attractive when showing. Or, you can hide it under a tablecloth and the bud vases appear to stand up magically. Great outdoors or in. $50 for a set of five vases. $40 for members.

Header Photo Credit; Steve Collender ©1213RF.com