Volunteer at Pet Shelters

Volunteering at animal shelters is a wonderful activity to share with friends or children, or to do solo.  If you love cats and/or dogs but aren’t able to have a pet of your own, get your fix by spending some time at an animal shelter playing with the kitties, walking the dogs or helping the staff with administrative or cleaning duties.

dog-kissThere are many good reasons to volunteer at a shelter.

  • You will be making the animals happier, friendlier and therefore more adoptable.
  • You’ll meet many other dog and/or cat lovers from your community.
  • You’ll be aiding a stretched-to-the-limits not-for-profit that can use all the help it can get.
  • You’ll feel warm and fuzzy from all the tail wagging and purring you’ll create.
  • Learn new animal skills in case you ever do have a pet of your own.
  • See if this might be an area you’d like to work in.

To find volunteering opportunities in your community, go to Volunteer Match where many groups have signed up.  You can search by what you’re interested in, like ‘animals’ and post your zip code.

Another way to locate animal shelters in your community is to go to Shelter Pet Project and put in your zip code and click ‘search’. It will give you local shelters in your area that you can contact for volunteering opportunities.

Petfinder has great tips on volunteering.

A last resort is to go to your local yellow pages and look for local animal shelters and animal rescue organizations and call them directly.

Another way to help pets is through the Bissell Pet Foundation.  See the ASE article.