travel coffee

“Barista quality coffee in two minutes”.

My mother takes packets of instant coffee when she travels to add to what she considers abysmally weak hotel coffee.  My sister-in-law asked me years ago if ASE had written about coffee pots to travel with.  We had not, and when I did some research, I was unable to find anything suitable to go in a carry on suitcase.

Ilana Kruger, founder and CEO of Dripkit, has solved the travel coffee problem.  She began her company with the goal of creating the best coffee but realized that the goal should be creating the best way to have great travel coffee and gear. She didn’t want to sacrifice good coffee while traveling, and neither does anyone else who loves a good cup of coffee.  The Dripkit was born.

travel coffee packet

Dripkit is a portable, single-use easy way to brew a delicious cup of coffee.  No grinding, no measuring and no bulky gear.  Dripkits are self-contained and pocket-sized.

travel coffee to go

They can be used anywhere and fit on top of any coffee mug.

A recent survey by Condé Nast called Dripkit the Millennial-est Option and said that the coffee kit made a “delicious, smooth, not-at-all bitter cup”.  Coffee filters have been around a while as an option (like tea bags only with instant coffee) but I’ve never found any that I liked.  I’m excited by Dripkit because it is offering easy brewed coffee.

The Head of Coffee, Gabe Boscana, has searched all the best brands to find the best coffee for the Dripkit.  He works with family-run farms and cooperatives all over the world.  The green coffee he chooses travels to Brooklyn where it is roasted weekly in small batches, ground and packaged to order.  Currently their coffees come from Honduras, Ethiopia, Guatemala, a blend from Indonesia, East Africa, Central and South America and Columbia. They change their coffee seasonally.  The major two coffee brands they have partnered with currently are Stumptown – ‘Hollar Mountain’, and Verve – ‘Latin Juan Benitez’.  The Dripkit packages are sold in Stumptown and Verve stores as well as on the Dripkit website.

The site has a coffee quiz consumers can take to find the specific coffee recommended for them.  Mine was Aguas Altas – medium roast, from Guatemala.

Dripkit is committed both to creating 100% biodegradable packaging and paying the farmers fair wages.  Say goodbye to non-recyclable K-cups!

A five-pack of coffee packets costs between $15.00- $17.25.  Ten-packs are between $28.00 – $35.00.  They also offer the option of a coffee subscription.

Watch a short video about Dripkits.


Note:  Dripkit instructions are to pour hot water over the coffee three times.  One review suggested that while flying, ask the flight attendant for 2 large cups of hot water so as to not hold up service to your fellow passengers!

It is worth noting that Conde Nast’s top choice for flavor was Joe Specialty Instant Coffee.  This old-style instant made of crystals which dissolve in water of any temperature can be made on an airplane with a cup of hot water. Joe Specialty Instant Coffee.  Six servings for $18.99.

Thinking about coffee?  This ASE article is a guide to subscriptions to small batch, artisanal coffee beans.