Gift ideas for men

For many people, stockings are the most fun part of the gift-giving traditions during the holidays.  It can be a challenge to find useful and creative items, however.  Maybe you’ll find some of these suggestions appealing.

For her:

These Marc Jacobs Kiss Pop Lip Color Sticks look like stubby crayons, and pack a punch of color. They are infused with honey to be more hydrating and the color lasts for hours.  $28.00 each. They come in nine colors.


These oversized barrettes are great for holding up buns, or holding back bangs.  $12.00 for two.


We have the solution for when you just can’t find the right bauble in your jewelry box.  These Flash Tattoo bracelets and necklaces are temporary but look real. I’ve seen them and they’re fun!  Four sheets of jewelry is $22.00.


Everyone likes fun socks and this site has lots to offer.


This Clare Vivier monogrammed tassel key ring comes in ten colors.   $43.00.


Gilette’s Venus Snap mini razor has an easily maneuverable tiny handle for tricky spots and a carrier with airholes for drying.  Great for travel or the gym bag.  $7.00.


Anyone would love these chevron cloth cocktail or luncheon napkins.  A set of four is $13.00.  Choose from eight colors.


Tangle Teaser hairbrush gets rave reviews for painlessly untangling all types of either wet or dry hair.  $9.00.


Is she a gardener? These lovely plant markers for the gardener make a great gift.  Just write the plant or herb name on each and reuse them every year.  They are handmade in Europe so allow two weeks for shipping.  $9 for a set of six.


These wire flower arrangers are great stocking presents for the gardener.  A pack of three is $12.00.


For men: 

StacheTats is great for the guys to try out new looks!  “The original temporary mustache tattoo”.  There’s a college series, holiday series, NHL and NCAA series and much more!  I personally love the News Anchor tats!  A set of four tats is $4.99.


Sign him up for the Dollar Shave Club.  He chooses one of three of their blades. For monthly delivery, prices vary according to the blade selected, but range from $1.00 to $9.00 a month. Each selection comes with a free compatible handle.  Fresh blades arrive every month and the frequency can be adjusted. The video of explanation is hilarious!


My husband loves this Shea Butter Enriched Shave Cream by Pre de Provence and it makes a wonderful stocking stuffer.  $13.50 for 2.5 oz. tube.


Another popular shave cream is C.O. Bigelow Italian Premium shave cream.  It has Eucalyptus oil and is mentholated so it cools the skin. $12.50 for a 5.2 oz. tube.


Does he have facial hair?  Give him this stainless steel fine tooth Go Comb to keep his beard and ‘stache tangle-free.  $13.99.


Men’s socks are a good default when nothing else is working.


Put away the clunky tape measures you can never find when you need one.  He’ll love this quick and easy laser pointer measurer.  It measures up to 60 feet and will tell you the distance, area and volume of a room! It measures distance in a straight line from 1.5 to 60 feet and transmits ultrasonic waves to the point you want to measure. $16.99.


Is your guy a natty dresser?  This site has over 50 snappy pocket squares to choose from.  They run the gamut from preppy to whimsical. $20.00 each.


These are terrific compact microfiber sponges.  They are made for phones and tablet screens. A set of 5 is $14.95.

Even better is this all-in-one Anti-Schmutz spray and microfiber cloth.  The smallest size, called Mist, is $12.95 and comes in 5 colors.  It is best for laptops and desktop screens.


Give him these mint flavored toothpicks and he’ll be happy.  They are made with premium natural ingredients. There are 12 toothpicks in a pack for $6.00.


I love these AHOY matches!  $10.00


This 4 in 1 adapter has four plugs and one adapter.  It is good in 150 countries!  It has 4 color-coded segments fit into plug configurations that work in more than 150 countries using the new JA/C Ready Adapter System. $25.00.



Lekue lemon or lime juice spritzer makes accessing lemon and lime juice to spray very easy.  Perfect to add a little flavor to your cocktail, sauces, salad, soda or seafood. $15.00.


Green Natura soap is designed to eliminate the waste when the bar of soap is used down to the middle bit and that’s thrown away.  There will be no unused center in these soaps!  It’s unusual, for sure.  Pack of 5 is $4.95.


Get the Bogobrush toothbrush for everyone in the family.  It is entirely biodegradable, and for every brush sold, a brush is donated to a person in need.  $10.00.


Pure beeswax candles are Maine-made and beautiful.  They also smell wonderful.  This jumbo pine cone candle is #.5” x 5.5”.


Metrokane Rabbit wine stoppers are my favorite.  A set of 4 in assorted colors is $7.99.


Yum!  There isn’t much I wouldn’t eat if the word Truffle is in the name!  Use a dollop of this mayo on your steak or grilled fish, on your grilled cheese, on just about anything!  Empire White Truffle Mayonnaise is $8.00 for a 4 oz. jar.


This What to Pack pad is very useful for packing for a trip.  It might help certain young adults we know who never seem to have brought what they need and pack at the last minute!  $7.00.


Do you have an artist/traveler in the family?  Give them this mailable sketch pad.  It’s called Messages Postal Notebook and is $8.00.  The Large size comes in six colors. It has 8 sheets of ivory-colored plain paper for the sketches.  The notebook transforms into an envelope with lines for the recipient’s address.


 These Go Combs are sturdy enough to live in your back pocket or your wallet, and keep your hair neat and untangled. This one is a bronze colored sea fan is made from plastic.  It is 3 ¼” x 2” and $9.99.


Skip the environmentally unfriendly plastic wrap and wrap your cheese in Formaticum’s parchment sheets or bags with labels.  Circle the appropriate cheese source (cow, sheep or goat) and you’ll know exactly what’s in the fridge!

The bags are 11”w x 6 ¼”l.  One set has 15 bags and is $12.00.


The cheese paper has 15 sheets and 30 adhesive labels. A sheet is 14” x 11”. One box is $12.00.


These Marimekko paper lunch napkins are really fun and colorful.  There are many bold patterns to choose from.  They are 6 ½” x 6 ½” square and $6.00.


This Y-charge 4.2 is a universal rapid car charger with dual USB ports that charges 2 phones or tablets.  It fits in all cigarette lighters and works with all smartphones and tablets.  I know a lot of people who will want this, myself included! They come in five colors. $20.00.


These paper coasters will make entertaining very easy. They are made by Kitchen Papers who also make paper placemats.  This assortment has 25 coasters for $6.00.


These travel guides, printed in England, are wonderful.  They never tell you about the tourist traps, just what the locals love.  They want their readers to see what makes a place unique.  There are currently nine U.S  cities, ten European cities, Melbourne, Tokyo and space. $6.00.