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Antibacterial protectors that won’t dry out your hands in winter.

Flu season is here in a big way, and the bad news is that this year’s flu shot is only 10% effective against the most common strain. That means we need to be vigilant about keeping our hands free from germs. Hand sanitizers do not appeal to everyone. They often have a noxious smell and they can be very drying to your hands. Here are ones we either use ourselves or have had recommended.

Aēsop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Soap has a popular and appealing scent. It is an alcohol-based non-sticky gel with mandarin rind, rosemary and cedar which give it a lovely woodsy/citrus scent. It is pocket-sized and ensures clean, bacteria-free hands without using water. The oils prevent hands from being stripped of moisture.  1.7 oz. for $10.00.

If you prefer sprays, a good one is The Honest Company Hand Sanitizer Spray in Grapefruit Grove. It is a plant-based sanitizer that claims to kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs.   The spray is quick drying and the glycerin and aloe leave hands feeling soft and moisturized. No rinsing required.   Each bottle is 2 oz. A two-pack is $5.95.




Another spray is All Good Hand Sanitizer which is made with 100% organic ingredients. It’s so natural it can even be used as a breath freshener. It has peppermint essential oil and 62% alcohol. It claims to kill 99.9% of germs. It can be used without water, which helps keep hands from drying out. The 2 oz. size is perfect for a purse or backpack. $4.99.


Bath & Body Works Pocketbac hand sanitizers come in many scents. They are gels that clean your hands without drying them, and they smell great. They are tiny at 1 oz. each and a 5-pack is $6.00.




Friends swear that Jao Refresher Not Just For Hands sanitizer will not dry out your hands. It blends aloe, glycerin,and panthenol with lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree and chamomile essential oils that do everything from disinfecting hands to shrinking pimples. 2 oz. for $10.00. 




EO Lavender Hand Sanitizer Wipes are convenient for travel. They have sugar cane ethanol, a natural disinfectant and a wonderful lavender scent. They claim to be 99.9% effective against germs and bacteria. A box of 24 single packs is $10.84.

For babies and small children who constantly put their hands in their mouths, Babyganics offers an alcohol-free plant-based hand sanitizing wipes in individual packets. They are ‘skin-nourishing and extra gentle’, and soothing to sensitive hands. Each pack has 74 wipes. A pack of two is $26.58.

Babyganics also makes travel-size foam hand sanitizer for babies and small children. 1.6 oz. pump bottles in a pack of 6 is $18.75.

There’s no place like a hospital for germs. Include some of these in the Go Bag for the new mom.

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