Tervis tumblers (I love saying that) are the most fantastic gift.  They are dishwasher safe – no cracks or cloudiness over time. They won’t crack, chip or melt. They are microwavable, keep drinks cool, have table ring armor (no coaster anxiety), come in many sizes, and finally, they keep hot drinks hot.  Unbelievable!  They come with many optional accessories like handles, shaker tops, straw lids, straws, travel lids and water bottle lids.

They can also be customized which is really fun to do. You can put photos on them or any text or logo you want.  Choose from among what seems like thousands of designs and add your own text or not.  It’s great fun.

A 16 oz. tumbler is $16.00.  To personalize add $5.00.


Note:  Tervis cares about our safety and in 2009 changed the material the tumblers are made of to a completely BPA-free material called Eastman Tritan.