Visiting friends over Labor Day?  Finding something special for your hostess can be a challenge, but it’s great when you find something distinctive.  We hope one of these items will strike your fancy!

Encourage your hostess to relax with a 16 oz. cup of tea in one of these porcelain Roomy Tea Bowls.  They are handmade, easy to hold and can double as a bowl.  They have a creamy white glaze on the inside and a lovely color on the outside.  Choose from four images.  $35.00 each.


Or give her a smaller version that holds 8 oz.  This Wee Tea Cup is made to order and can be customized.  Select a letter for the outside and a name for the inside.  This also can be a personalized gift for a new baby who is about to begin solid foods. $30.00 each.


If she insists on cooking for you, give her this shark oven mitt to make her laugh. $11.47.


And, the Alligator oven mitt as a companion.  $13.75.



I love these striped anchor cotton napkins.  They come in red or blue.  $48.00.



Everyone I know who has these electric salt and pepper mills love them.  Made by Cole & Mason, they are battery operated.  Just push a button to grind salt and pepper to your desired coarseness.  $99.95 for the pair.  They can be personalized.


This Danish rubber vase is a fun new design.  It is 8” tall x 6” wide.  It comes in green, pink or purple. It is flexible enough to be able to change shape.  Fold in top to make it a shorter vase or pot or leave it at it’s 8” height.  $38.00.


Bring your hosts something really useful and very clever.  These organic herb & spice kits are little jars of spices that screw together to form one solid stick.  There are four to choose from.  The Mobile Foodie Survival Kit is $26.00 and has the essential herbs and spices for someone on the go.  There are thirteen herbs and spices including ginger, basil, dill, cayenne, garlic, cinnamon and more.  The stick is 9” x 1.5”.  The Mexican, Thai and Indian Essentials have nine essential herbs and spices for each cuisine.  They are $20.00 each.


We love these pads by Alexa Pulitzer and what hostess can’t use more pads?  Choose from patterns in varying shapes and sizes, or give a selection to your hostess. Prices range from $11.00 – $15.00.  The pads have 150 sheets each.


While you’re at it, give her a set of these patterned click pens to go with the pads.  They’re adorable.  Set of seven pens for $4.50.


I use these trays in my bathrooms to hold all kinds of things but particularly extra TP or guest towels.  This website has a great selection in many colors.  $30.00 each.