great baby registries

What does the new baby need?

Some parents-to-be are reluctant to use baby registries, but I think they help the rest of us give gifts that will be useful.  Most families need just one crib, one stroller and one car seat.  They need outfits in several sizes – not all for the first three months.  Here are some great registries for expecting parents.


welcomebabyregistry registry is owned by Amazon.  This may be the only company which delivers even more reliably and quickly than Amazon.  The customer service is great and gifts can be returned for up to a year – or the parents-to-be can opt to have gifts shipped after the baby is born.


Giggle Baby Registry  is full of ‘top of the line’ baby products.  It gives prospective parents an excellent sort and rating system to help them choose the best bath tub, stroller and diaper bag.  Items are curated based on the following categories:  baby basics,  healthy,  innovative,   multi-use,   responsible,   space saving, and  travel friendly.  The advantages to Giggle are that they have a clean, modern, mid-century look (if that’s your style), lots of exclusive products and designs, and good curation. They lean heavily on the colors orange and white so if your mom-to-be doesn’t like that palette, shop elsewhere.



Baby Braithwaite Registry is based in Atlanta so it offers a different perspective on baby products.  It was established in 2005 by a mother-daughter team.   To use their own words:  “Our greatest priority is serving our community, creating a unique place for families to come together to celebrate some of the most joyful moments in their lives with the guidance and support of our team of experts.”


Pottery Barn Kids Registry offers beds, bedding, storage and all the furniture to set up a nursery.




Land of Nod offers bedding and nursery furniture and rugs with toys and baby equipment.



Wee Spring was founded by a new parent who was overwhelmed by the selection of baby products at the big box stores.  Here is her mission statement: “weeSpring is a platform that helps you share advice with your friends about baby essentials, like bottles, strollers, and diapers. You can compare products within a single category, like high chairs, or browse a trusted friend’s favorites.  Expecting parents use weeSpring to ask their friends about the things they couldn’t live without, and find out what they wish they’d never bought. New parents use weeSpring to pass along their own tried-and-true advice, while continuing to learn from their friends.”


New parents face a lot of new financial hurdles – from medical bills and a crib to babysitting and extra living space.  Some of the equipment for the baby is expensive.  Have you priced strollers, cribs and car seats lately?  Instead of receiving drawers full of infant clothes, they might appreciate one big gift – given by a group of friends and family members.  A simple to way to give a group gift is to use ‘GiftStarter’.

giftstarterWhen a group of people contribute to send a gift, the recipient receives a hand-made card with messages from the givers – and the gift.  To get the gift started, you just ask the parents-to-be exactly what they would like.  You post the item onto GiftStarter and send a digital invitation to friends and family who might want to contribute.  There is also a gift concierge service which will suggest gifts for parents to be – from strollers to organic crib mattresses and safe car seats.

Givers pay by credit card or PayPal.  A gift campaign lasts for up to 30 days.  When it is completed, if there is enough for the targeted gift, it gets sent, with a card.  If not, GiftStarter send the parents-to-be a gift card for the amount raised.  They will be well on their way to being able to buy that big item.  Gift givers can write as long a message as they like and all the messages are sent with the card and the gift.  GiftStarter charges an 8% service fee, but think of the nuisance you are avoiding.

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This article has been updated for accuracy in April, 2017