Friday Bulletin Positive Perspective

Timely nuggets of information and ideas we want to share with you.

“The Blessings of Aging” is a lovely short (5 minutes) film recommended by a reader.  It is very sweet, upbeat and encouraging.  Members of a retirement community tell the viewers the many positive aspects of getting older. Watch it with your parents!

Scanner Pro

This app beats just taking photos of paper documents on your phone. The Scanner Pro ($4) app allows your phone to scan a document, save it to your phone, and even extract text from that document to cut-and-paste anywhere else. It will detect borders and correct distortions so you can scan small receipts and multi-page documents. Share, email and upload your scans, all on your iPhone.  It is only available for iOS devices.

If you are feeling the need to be empowered by a great story, have your faith in mankind restored and just generally feel good, re-watch the following four movies this summer and you will be filled with the can-do spirit. Great for all ages to watch together as all are rated PG.

Stand and Deliver from 1988 features Edward James Olmos as math teacher Jaime Escalante who empowers his inner-city Hispanic students to succeed in calculus.  It is based on a true story. It is rated PG.

Field of Dreams was released in 1989 and stars Kevin Costner as an Iowa farmer in this fantasy drama. It is a lovely story, much deeper than a plot description here can do justice to.  It is rated PG.

Chariots of Fire was released in 1981 and is a British historical drama.  It is the story of two athletes in the 1924 Olympics and is a fact-based story. It is rated PG.

A League of Their Own with Tom Hanks, Madonna, Geena Davis and many others, tells the story of the first female professional baseball league and the players’ struggles.  It was released in 1992 and is set in the Midwest during World War 2.  It is rated PG.

Check out this two-minute animation which shows how the size of populations in cities have shifted from 1500 to today.  It is fascinating and thought provoking.  Credit to Michael Z. for sending it to us. Ranking the World’s Most Populous Cities, Over 500 Years of History.