Atoms shoes

“You don’t see an everyday shoe like this every day.”

According to the shoe industry, 60% of us are wearing the wrong shoe size.  The new shoe company, Atoms, headquartered in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, is founded by a husband-and-wife team from Pakistan.  They are about to upend the shoe industry by creating a sneaker that can be dressed up or down, has oval eyelets instead of circular to prevent shoestring bunching, a tongue that never turns back on itself, copper in each sole for bacteria elimination and freshness and foam midsoles for cushioning.  That’s not even the best part!  They offer quarter sizes (instead of half or whole) and you can get different sizes for your left and right foot!

Atoms shoes white

The couple began their shoe education by making custom dress shoes in Pakistan in 2012.  When they moved to the United States they noticed how many people wore sneakers and not dress shoes.  They began designing the sneaker that could be multi-purpose, both casual and dressy. The upper part of the shoes is a high durability yarn blend, the sole in non-slip rubber. They understood that fit was very important for a shoe worn most of every day. This shoe is called Model 000.

When you order, select your normal shoe size, then answer a few questions.  The system selects three quarter-size options for you, and those three shoes (for each foot) are shipped to you to try on.  You select the one for each foot that fits the best and return the rest. As Esquire said in a review of the shoes, “Buy, try, and keep only what works.”

Black and white shoes

The couple then turned their attention to another annoyance associated with shoes –  shoelaces.  They personally found it irritating to have to tie and untie laces every time they wore lace-up shoes.  They decided to try elastic to lace up the shoes which allowed the wearer to slip the shoes on and off without tying or untying.  That morphed into stretch laces for Model 000.

Black Atoms

Model 000 is the sole focus of Atoms currently.  It is initially offered in three colors – white, black and black & white.  There are also a ‘members only’ colors once in a while.  Ordering was very easy and quick.  I can’t wait to try on my three options per foot!

Both men’s and women’s shoes are $179.00 per pair.