Car Talk: I never thought of myself as the target market for a radio show about cars and car repair. That was before I listened to a segment of Car Talk,an hour long NPR radio show on Saturday mornings, and enjoyed the hilarious commentary by Tom and Ray Magliozzi, a.k.a. Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers.Graduates of MIT, they started a “do it yourself” auto repair garage, which is what launched them into the grease monkey business in the early 1970’s. They ended up fixing all the cars themselves, and it evolved into Ray’s Garage.While hosting a talk show on auto repair for a college radio station in Boston, they were discovered by National Public Radio. In 1987 they began broadcasting for NPR. The format is question and answer. Listeners call in with car problems and actually receive answers, with a great deal of humorous chatter along the way. The brothers are quick, clever, humble, and very, very funny.They close the show with a two part, ‘tongue in cheek’ message: “You’ve wasted a perfectly good hour by listening to the show”, and “Don’t drive like my brother”.Wait, Wait….Don’t Tell Me: This hour long news quiz show pits a regular panel  against callers and famous people from the news and entertainment worlds. The news is both real and contrived, and the panelists’ repartee is hilarious and smart..The panel is made up of humorists, columnists, screen writers, and novelists.In one game, a well known person (a politician or media figure, for example) is a guest on the show, and has to answer questions in a category about which he knows nothing.

In another game, the panel reads real and fake bizarre news stories, and a caller, selected at random, tries to pick the one that’s true.

The clever banter will keep you amused and amazed.

Go to to find the broadcast schedule where you live or: download for free the episodes from your iTunes, and listen to them at your convenience. Go to iTunes, select “podcasts”, then select the show and episodes you want to download.