While it’s a lot of work to wrap all those presents, it creates a festive atmosphere and it raises the anticipation level.  There is nothing more exciting than a creatively wrapped gift. Good gift-wrap sources can be hard to come by, so we hope you will like the ones we’ve found for you.

This site carries bows, paper, boxes and ribbons in large quantities.  There is a huge selection.  Prices start at $28.80 for rolls of  paper that is 2’ x 100’.

This site has many items to personalize – stationery, gift labels, note pads and address labels, not to mention the great cases for your latest ipod/ipad/iphones.

Subscriber Linda H. sent us this idea.  Stocking mailers – very cute!  $15.00 for 3.

This is really fun decorative duct tape – not just for gift wrapping! $8.95 a roll.

We love these decorative packing tapes, and we don’t use them just for packing!  A 2” wide 27 yard roll is $7.00.  Check out these holiday tapes.

Pink cake boxes come in 9 sizes.  They are so pretty there’s no need to cover them in gift-wrap.  Just add a ribbon. From $1.00 each.

Tie things up with Divine Twine.  It is bakery twine, all cotton, It comes in 8 colors, and is useful for many things, gift wrapping included.  240 yards is $15.00.

Pearl River has beautiful paper.  We love the rich colors.  It is $2.50 for a 27” x 39” sheet.

A few gift-wrapping tips:

I love to tie a little something on the top of a package.  I try to find fun holiday candy, an ornament, or a little stocking stuffer. Pearl River and Oriental Trading are fun sources for decorative finishing touches.

If the shape gives the object away to the recipient, wrap up the accessory instead of the actual gift.  For example, the remote control rather than the TV, the golf ball rather than the clubs.  Get the idea?

If I have a small item, I love doing a nesting dolls kind of thing, where I put the small box inside a medium box which I put into a large box.  Make them work for it!