Jeans are taking on a whole new look.  In fact, they are beginning to resemble anything but jeans, in the traditional sense!  Here is a primer of what’s available this fall, and some of our favorite jeans sources.

Waxed or coated denim:  These jeans have a leathery/matte look.  They give off a subtle shimmer and can be worn day or evening.  They are slim fitting and look great with a tunic top or long jacket.  They’ve been around for several seasons but are very big this fall.  Hard to say if this is a lasting trend, but they’re fun. I’ve seen them run from $75 – $200.  A few are machine-washable, most are dry clean only. Sometimes you have the choice of light, medium or heavy coating.


The Prints:  These are jeans with fall/winter prints, akin to the florals from the summer.  They are usually cotton/polyester and machine washable.  They are causal and dress up any sweater or winter top. These from Current/Elliott are fun.

Other sources to try for all the above categories: