Fun wrappings
*Updated 2019

We adore gift wrapping materials.  We could almost be called collectors.  You should be able to find anything you need at the following sites. Click on store name to go to its website.

Unique and chic:

Container Store – Where to start describing our love affair with this store.  Their on-line gift wrap selection is amazing.  It’s easy to navigate, and the selection is vast and creative.  We personally love the decorative tape, gift boxes, gift wrap, and paper patterns.

metalic gift box resources

The Bag Lady:  Wonderful festive, shiny bags of all sizes.  Makes wrapping very easy!

gift wrapping material

Bags & Bows has an enormous selection of wrapping papers, ribbons, no wire and wire, raffia and tulle, and a delicious selection of bags.  Fun to browse!

Christmas boxes resources

Target – We adore absolutely everything about Target, especially their gift wrap.  Their on-line gift wrap selection is pitiful, however, and difficult to navigate.  If you’re near a store, stop in for fabulous tissue paper, wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, and tags.

Stocking up ~ buying in bulk:

Paper Mart – Sells wrapping paper and tissue paper in bulk for great prices.  A 100’ roll of wrapping paper, 24” wide, is $28.84. 6 1⁄2 pounds of tissue paper is $22.50. We like the super gloss solid color papers. A huge selection of ribbons, boxes, and bags.

metalic wrapping paper

All the trimmings:

M & J Trimming:  They sell the details like bells, rhinestones, sequins, ribbons, appliqués, buttons and buckles.  Brings out the Martha Stewart in all of us.

Save-On-Crafts has everything for wrapping and decorating for the holidays.  Silk flowers, garlands, pinecones, metallic beads, even goose feather ribbon.


Think you’re a fast wrapper? Check out this guy!

Want a few more ideas?

Holiday Gift Wrap

Holiday Gift Wrap