Environmentally Friendly Wrapping Paper
*This article has been updated for accuracy and additions in December, 2020.

I love wrapping paper and I use lots of it.  It is a wasteful extravagance because it gets ripped off the present and thrown away.  Now there are many fabulous choices in ‘green’ recycled wrapping paper, a more responsible way to go.  Or, you could take a page from my mother’s (an early environmental activist) book and use the comics from the Sunday newspaper for your wrapping paper.  Hmmm…

Green Field Paper Company makes 100% recycled gift- wrap that uses soy-based inks. I love this blue paisley print.  One roll has 2 sheets.  Each sheet is 24” x 36”.  $7.95.

eco-friendly wrapping paper

Love this Tree Farm stone paper by Paper Source. It’s made from limestone, not trees. There are many designs that can used for many occasions.  A continuous roll, 30′ x 10′ is $9.95.

eco friendly wrapping paper

This is a Gold Foil Dots on Red Stone Wrapping Paper for many occasions.  A continuous roll is 30″ x 10′ for $9.95.

red eco-friendly stone paper

This Lokta paper is handmade artisan paper indigenous to Nepal, using the bark of the Lokta shrub.  Stripping the bark off the Lokta encourages new growth. The paper is screen printed in California, USA.    One 20” x 30” sheet is $4.95.

lotka eco-friendly wrapping paper


I love this Florentine gold and ivory recycled tissue paper by Nashville Wraps. This is sold in a 120 / 240 bulk sheets, sized 20″ x 30″.  120 sheets $23.90.

eco-friendly wrapping paper

Kraft paper wrap is made of 100% recyclable material, compostable and biodegradable paper. There are 13 different colors and patterns.

recyclable wrapping paper

A solid green or red glossy holiday paper is so useful, and fun to pair with colorful printed ribbons.  This Forest Green Recycled Gloss paper from Nashville Wraps is 24 inches x 85 feet, sold in a box for $16.50.  It is available in many other colors as well.

A couple of accessories:

This ribbon is made from renewable biodegradable cotton fiber grown in the USA.  It is all natural and can be recycled or composted.  The inks used are soy-based and non-toxic.  One 50 yard roll is $15.50.  The ribbon is ½” wide.

eco-friendly wrapping ribbon

Wrappily makes several types of environmentally friendly. These paper ribbons are 1.5″, 25 ‘ long, $5.00. It’s recyclable, compostable and made with non-toxic, water soluble dyes.

eco-friendly paper ribbon

This versatile cotton curling is great. Wrappily uses water-based dyes, soy-based non-toxic inks, and cotton yarn that is 100% grown and dyed in the United States. There are 12 colors and patterns.

eco-friendly cotton curling ribbon

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