How do we dip our toast into a soft-boiled egg without egg cups?

Last July, a Scottish games programmer used Twitter to express his astonishment and anger that Americans do not use egg cups. He could not understand how Americans ate their soft-boiled eggs. His Tweet attracted publicity.

He wrote “I’VE JUST BEEN INFORMED AMERICANS DO NOT HAVE EGG CUPS AND I AM SO ANGRY. THIS IS ALMOST AS BAD AS WHEN I FOUND OUT YOU DON’T ALL HAVE KETTLES.” He was curious how we prevent the egg from rolling all over the plate, and how we keep the yolk in. The British call a soft-boiled egg and toast ‘dippy egg with soldiers’ and the ability to dip the toast into the yolk is very important. If you click through to the article, be prepared for foul language because this person is VERY upset!

An egg cup is a container used for holding boiled or soft-boiled eggs. They can be made from wood, pottery, porcelain, metal, plastic or glass. The earliest egg cup was silver and found in the ruins of Pompeii (7th– 6th centuries BC). Many people collect egg cups.

I find egg cups appealing, even though I rarely eat soft boiled eggs. Modern designers have amazing creativity and can make a lowly egg cup into a work of art. Many are whimsical, some are simply pretty, all are functional.

This set of three egg cups in the shape of chickens is adorable. They are ceramic in a French country style. Each cup is 2.7” high x 3.9” long. A set has one of each color for $21.99.

This is a hand carved Italian olivewood egg cup. No two pieces are exactly the same due to variations in the wood’s grain pattern. It can be hand washed in mild detergent. It is 3.25”H x 2”. $9.95.

The Tilda Flower egg cups are delicate and hand crafted. There are three finishes to choose from: Zinc, Zinc with Brass Foot and Antique Brass. They come from the British site Rowen and Wren. They ship to the U.S. $12.90 each.

OKA is one of my favorite stores in London and they haven’t let me down with this Mirage egg cup. Its clear simplicity with built in saucer is lovely. 4”D x 3.15”H. $40.00 for a set of four.

I love these snappy blue and white stripe Cornishware egg cups.   They are 1.5” in diameter. A set of four is $32.00.

These Burleigh Pottery blue calico egg cups are pretty. They are 1.5” in diameter and made in England. A set of four is $67.20.

I love this Fox Earthenware egg cup made by a British ceramics company called Quail. Each piece is hand painted and will add whimsy to breakfast. $32.38.

This mallard egg cup is also by Quail in Britain. It is $25.90.

Once you have your hot soft boiled egg in a cup, the challenge is to get to the inside. Traditionalists crack the top third of the egg with a knife, but here is a modern ‘Egg Topper’ to save your fingers. Put the dome of the topper on your egg and pull up the handle and release. Small, sharp blades will cut the shell leaving a perfect opening to your breakfast. Egg Topper $17.99.