Steamers – I am not referring to clams.  I’m talking about small home-use steamers that remove wrinkles in minutes.  Until a few years ago I didn’t know such a useful device existed.  My friend Debbi (check out introduced me to them. She was SO shocked I didn’t have one and predicted it would save me hundreds of dollars in dry cleaning bills.  She was right!

How often do you grab a sweater only to find that the over-population crisis in your sweater drawer has caused it to be squished, and become completely wrinkled?  What to do?  Quickly fill up your hand held steamer with water, plug it in, and within minutes it is steaming away.  Run the steam over the wrinkles and watch them disappear. Amazing!

They work on all kinds of fabric even curtains and upholstery.

These are also great gifts for children away at school or moving into their first apartment or anyone who travels.

Try The Jiffy Steamer Esteam for home use. $71.00


This one is a good travel size steamer. $19.99